NOD Engine SDK 1.0

Codex Documentation



Codex is the engines Java based scripting language.  It is used extensively throughout the game, for such things as the disciplines, scripted sequences, doors and other moving objects, etc...  This version of the documentation is incomplete, and will be updated in a future tools release.  The info listed should however, be more than enough to get anyone started.

In order to compile and use Codex scripts, you will need some form of Java compiler.  Most of the scripts were originally written in Microsofts Visual J++ environment, however, they have also been compiled and tested with Sun's JDK 1.1.8.  This compiler is freely available at:



All of the documention for the Codex scripting language has been generated with JavaDoc.  Click the link below to open the documention in a new window.

Codex JavaDoc Documentation

Click the link below to open Robert Huebner's GDC 1999 talk on using Java as an embedded scripting language.

Using Java as an embedded game scripting language


Known Issues

In version 1.0 of Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption, Codex scripts will not work if placed within a user path.  This will be fixed in the first patch.  The current workaround for this is to work with new or modified Codex files out of the games root directory. (where they are installed by default in version 1.0 of the SDK).  Keep in mind that by doing this,  and modifications you make to existing scripts will effect any and all chronicles (including single player) in the game.