NOD Engine SDK v1.0
Copyright 2000, Nihilistic Software, Inc.

Disclaimer: All material contained in the NOD Engine SDK is unsupported. If you have an issues, or require assistance with any of the tools or associated files, try checking the Editing Forum at the Nihilistic Website. Please do not contact Activision or Nihilistic Software.

Installation Notes
The NOD Engine SDK *MUST* be installed into the same directory as 'Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption'. If it is not, some of the tools will not work properly.

This is the initial release of the NOD Engine SDK. Included in this release are the following:

Embrace and Documentation - This is Vampire's level editor.

Codex Source and Documentation - This is the full .java source to all of the scripts (both single/multi-player) from the game. The SDK also contains full JavaDoc generated documentation for most of the Codex Verbs. Please see the "Codex" page in the documentation for more info.

NOD Engine File Specifications - These are file format specifications for many of the games Text and Binary file formats. These should be of use to anyone who wishes to create their own chronicles or modifications for the game.

NOT Editor - This is the games Template editor.

NOD View - This is a D3D based model viewer for the game.

NOD Export - This is the .mll plugin for Maya that is used to export .nod files.

Known Issues
- Codex scripts are not found in -user specified directories
- Some Codex verbs are undocumented at this time
- NodView currently has some limitations. You must run NodView from the command line while in the directory you installed vampire into. So if you installed vampire into c:\games\vampire, your command like would look something like:
C:\Games\Vampire>NodSDK\nodview -model christof.nod

Version 1.0 Fixes/Changes
- First version

Quick-start Guide

Embrace is the tool used when creating levels or scenes for Vampire. It is based on id Software's QERadiant and has been heavily modifed. The SDK also contains a fairly extensive document on Embrace to help you get started. 

There are two general modes used when editing with Embrace: Clean Mode and Standard Mode (the toggle can be found in the File Menu - Clean Mode). Use Clean Mode if you're just looking to add some scenes to an existing level. No brush creation/changing/deletion/etc. can be done in Clean Mode. 

To open an existing map:
1) Double-click on Embrace.exe
2) File/Open
3) Select the map
4) Click Open
5) File/Clean Mode (if you're just adding templates/scenes)

To start a new map:
1) Double-click on Embrace.exe
2) Use the Textures Menu to load a set of textures

Template files (NOT files) are opened using the NOTEditor. These are the files that store all the templates (decorations, treasure, NPCs, etc.) in Vampire. The NOTEditor can be used to create templates for new objects such as weapons, items, NPC's, enemies, etc... In order to use this properly, you will need to extract 'global.not' from 'resource.nob'. You can do this with winzip. You MUST open 'global.not' before editing/creating any new .not files, or the inheritance will not work correctly. You do not have to modify or save global.not, only have it open. More documentation on the NOT Editor will be provided in a future SDK release.

1) File/Open
2) Select Global.NOT
3) Click Open

To edit an existing tag, you simply double-click on its line in the main window and edit/change it in the input dialog that pops up.

To add a tag that doesn't exist, you double-click on the tag in the list on the right and edit/change it in the input dialog that pops up.

This tool can be used to view all the models in the game. NOD View cannot read files from .nob files, so you must extract any files you wish to view. For NOD View to work correctly, you should set it's working directory to the same directory that you installed vampire into. Command line parameters are '-model' and '-anim'.