NOD Engine SDK 1.0

NSC File Specifications


The chronicle file is what holds everything together. It lists names for locations or levels, exits and entrances between levels, and a few other details about the chronicle. The very first location listed in the chronicle file is the starting location for the chronicle (with the exception of clients joining a multiplayer game see reviveloc below).






<initial scene>

<nui file>

<nui location>



the name given here will be the one used to reference this location from within Codex (and from the console in-game for a couple commands)


filename of the level

initial scene

filename of the scene this location starts in

nui file

filename of the main NUI file where this location exists

nui location

the location with the NUI file that describes the coordinates for this location on the map

these describe different behavior and display options for each location


Objects are not saved in this location


Location is normally loaded briefly, so don't free origin world


Location should not be freed


Location should be shown on the map


Location is a haven and should be indicated as such on the map


Teleports cannot be created in this location


Clearing the buffer is required

Old Town in Prague looks like this in prague.nsc:

location OldTown P1_OLDT.nil OLDT_7_1.nsd mapPragueOT.nui mapOldTownCenter 0x0060



<location1>, <exit>

<location2>, <entrance>


the name of one of the above specificed "locations"

exit the number of the entrance/exit in the level
location2 the name of one of the above specified "locations"
exit the number of hte entrance/exit in the level

This combination completely describes the transition between two locations. There will be an exit from location1 that takes you the specified entrance in location2. There will also be an exit from location2 that takes you to location1 created by the game when it loads the chronicle (where <entrance> is the exit from location2 and <exit> is the entrance into location1).

This is how the transition between Old Town and East Gate in Prague are described in prague.nsc:

exit OldTown,3 EastGateNight,2

This is creating an exit 3 from OldTown that will take you to entrance 2 in EastGateNight. Because the game creates the "backward link", exit 2 from EastGateNight will take you to entrance 3 in OldTown.


This field tells the game which class file to use as its chronicle script.


The metafile tells the chronicle more specific information about what extra files the game might need to load or reference when running this chronicle. This field tells the game the name of that file.


This is the field that tells the game which location to take the player to when they use the Walk the Abyss discipline. It consists of a location and an entrance number.


These flags give the game some extra information about this particular chronicle.

Flag Description


chronicle is modern day (UI changes, etc.)


chronicle is meant for multiplayer


chronicle is meant to be played with a ST


chronicle is only meant to be chained from another and should not appear in selection UIs


This field is only used in multiplayer chronicles. It tells the game where to revive the character when they use the "Revive" menu option in the Escape Menu. This field also tells the game where to start clients in a multiplayer game. You can change this field from within Codex