NOD Engine SDK 1.0

NLS File Specifications


The NLS file contains localized strings for use in the game. All displayed text in the game should use a localized string "key", which is cross-referenced in the NLS files to find the language-localized version of that string. The file format contains one entry per file line. The first word identifies the key name for the string, and the remainder of the line, with all spaces and punctuation, makes up the "body" of the localized text.

String names must contain no spaces. Lines beginning with "#" are treated as comments and ignored. String names should be generally kept to 32 characters or less.


Each line of the file contains the following fields in the order specified, one set of fields per line.

Field Description

<NLS key>

a single word (no spaces)

<string text>

the corresponding string to use when this NLS key is referenced in-game

Sample File

GOLDBAG 	Bag of Gold
VITAE 		Bottle of Vitae