NOD Engine SDK 1.0

NDG File Specifications


This file lists all the discipline groups used in the game. It is parsed once at game start. The file extension stands for Nihilistic Discipline Groups.

For clarification, in VtM:R "discipline group" is equivalent to WOD’s "discipline", and a "discipline" is equivalent to WOD’s "power".


Each line of the file defines a single group. The groups appear in the player interfaces as tabs that contain other disciplines. The disciplines are defined in a separate file, NDD, which references the group names defined here. Lines beginning with # are treated as comments and ignored.

Each file line must contain the following fields in the order listed to be properly parsed.

Field Description


name of the discipline group


icon for the discipline group in the discipline pane


additional xp cost to pay to buy the first discipline of the group


modifier flags


The follow flags control the behavior of the discipline groups

Flag Description


this group should not be given to characters of clans that have the "access to all discipline groups at start" flag set (basically a limiter on that flag in the clan file).