NOD Engine SDK 1.0

NCO File Specifications


The NCO file holds information that tells the game what lines to play duration a conversation and how that conversation is structured. Each NCO can hold more than one conversation. Fields are separated by whitespace characters like SPACE or TAB. Lines that begin with "//" are treated as comments and ignored. It is OK to insert blank lines into the file to provide vertical spacing.

Many of the fields used in this file actually reference string names found in other files, in particular the NVO file. Refer to the NVO file documentation for more information on this.

Conversation Definition

Each conversation begins with the following line:

"CONVERSATION: <conversation name> <value>"



<conversation name>

A one word name for the conversation (no spaces)



Event Description

Conversations are broken up into events. Every conversation has at least one event. Each new event begins with the line:

"EVENT: <event name>"

Where "event name" is a unique name used to identify that step of the conversation. Event names must be unique, but must be less than 32-characters in length and must not contain spaces. Event names must only be unique within a single conversation, not globally.

Within each event, the structure of each line looks like this:

"<keyword>: <parameter1> <parameter2>"





Name of dialog line from NVO file (see NVO documentation)

CASTID for the character speaking the line. CastIDs are part of the actor template definition.


Event name to jump to

Not used


Number of seconds to pause



Name of dialog line from NVO file to present as potential response line to the player

Event name to jump to if they select this response


Name of dialog line from NVO file to present as a potential response line

A return value sent back to the game script that initiated the conversation if option is selected (also ends the conversation)

Sample NCO File

Below is a sample file form the game. Note that all lines that begin with "//" are comment lines are exist only to make the file more readable to users.

// *********************************************************************************
// 15_1_ReturnArm.nco (conversation file)
// Copyright (c) 1999-2000 Nihilistic Software, Inc.
// *********************************************************************************

CONVERSATION: 15_1_ReturnArm 0
EVENT: ev_0
LINE: Christof_16_1_570 Christof
LINE: Brandl_16_1_571 Brandl
LINE: Ecat_16_1_572 Ecat
LINE: Brandl_16_1_573 Brandl
LINE: Ecat_16_1_574 Ecat
LINE: Brandl_16_1_575 Brandl
ANSWERGOTO: Christof_16_1_2521 ev_lib
ANSWERGOTO: Christof_16_1_2501 ev_leave
EVENT: ev_lib
LINE: Brandl_16_1_577 Brandl
LINE: Brandl_16_1_578 Brandl
EVENT: ev_leave
LINE: Ecat_16_1_579 Ecat
LINE: Brandl_16_1_580 Brandl