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Author Topic: Wilhelm Failed At Diablerie on...  (Read 3286 times)


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Wilhelm Failed At Diablerie on...
« on: 2015-06-15, 10:14:35 »

How does the diablerie challenge work?  Is it a particular stat? My Christof has eaten LOTS of people and is 7th gen.  Serena has eaten a Tremere, dropped a gen and gained all the Thaumaturgy.

I want to teach Wilhelm Thaumaturgy.  But for some unknown reason, he has never been able to diablerize someone successfully. Like right now, I'm in the Haus de Hexe and I have a saved game with 2 Tremere Regents with no blood and both are dark red beating on my Christof in defensive mode.  I can press R, switch to Wilhelm (who is in the next room), eat both Regents in less than 10 seconds, and Wilhelm will fail on both EVERY TIME.  Literally, I've reloaded 10 times and Wilhelm has Failed At Diablerie 20 times.

He's 10th Gen - so maybe the regents are too? I'm pretty sure both Christof and Serena ate Regents earlier and dropped from 9 to 8 and learned their Thaumaturgy.

Please explain your diablerie mechanics. I'm probably gonna wanna teach my dudes some Serpentis later on, so it would be good to know.

Also, please explain your blood bonding mechanics.  What stat resists blood bonding?  It's a great idea, in theory, but it is WAY too easy to get blood bonded, imo.  This isn't how blood bonding works, but I can understand your desire for in-game mechanics to prevent diablerie.



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Re: Wilhelm Failed At Diablerie on...
« Reply #1 on: 2015-06-15, 17:29:44 »

Blood bonding is explained in the readme:


Diablerie is the act of one vampire feeding off of another vampire till they start absorbing the soul.
The Diablerist gains that vampire's powers [disciplines]. If the vampire's generation is lower than the
Diablerist, the Diablerist will gain 20 points to their bloodpool permanently while lowering generation by 1.
Vampires on the Path of Humanity will loose 20 points of humanity on each successful attempt since Diablerie
is considered an "ultimate sin." To commit diablerie, you merely must make the choice to feed from a vampire
for an extensive period of time using the Feed discipline. Diablerie will begin once the vampire's blood is
drained to less than 10 then the victim will start taking aggravated damage. Upon death, Diablerie was
committed [or at least attempted]. In Age of Redemption, the process of Diablerie can still fail even if a
vampire was killed this way. You also run the risk of a vampire's blood "commanding" you, through blood
bonding, to cease.

A vampire's blood is the most seductive kind of vitae around. Vampire blood can bond or commune with its
kindred host with powerful influence. Often times, coterie members will blood bond to each other to assure
loyalty. A vampire merely has to feed from another vampire to risk the blood bonding to occur. The chance to
be blood bonded depends on master's generation distance to drinker as well as the drinker's intelligence. Blood
bonding in Age of Redemption offers both bonuses and penalties, but blood bonding is temperary. Anyone who is
blood bonded gains physical stat boosts for the next 5 minutes. If the owner of the blood bond falls in battle
during this duration then the blood bonded host will lose the bonuses then suffer "Remorse." A vampire in
Remorse has all mental stats penalized for the next 30 minutes. Enemy vampires who are blood bonded will
turn against their own in battle for a 1 minute duration.

NOTE: You can only be blood bonded to one individual at a time. Any new blood bonds will remove the previous ones.

Of course, there is a couple of things to note about how Diablerie fails.

-You must maintain grip of your target for at least 30 seconds.
-Target's blood must be at or below 10 and they must die during the feeding.

Any interruptions that prevents you from maintaining grip for at least 30 seconds can fail a Diablerie... if target's blood goes above 10 for some reason before they die then that can also fail the Diablerie.
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