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Title: Things i Personally liked and disliked about Skyrim
Post by: EtaYorius on 2011-11-14, 08:44:09
Ok i wont bash the game, i will just name the things i disliked followed by the things i found really good.


1 - UI.

2 - Ragdolls & Physics (i had so much fun in Oblivion with the Ragdolls, also Giants make me fly miles away... and i got killed twice by picking up random misc objects)

3 - Character Animations (Jumping and Running, they feel and look bad).

4 - Textures, (they kinda look dated and low Resolution).

5 - Character Creation Options (is it just me or Oblivion pretty much had twice the options in face creation? i remember an interview with Todd where he mentions the new options were improved a lot...)

6 - No Dodge Perk and no Hand to Hand Perks (Hand to Hand is still there, but i would liked to see Perks for this.

7 - No Snow Foot Prints ( i was expecting a little more Detail )

8 - AI (its Kinda Lacking, in small places i always get my path blocked by my own companions who refuses to move, or Enemy Ai sometimes just stands there allowing me to bash them till Death, in Oblivion all NPC will move instantly as soon as you start pushing them)


Animal Diversity ( i just played like 15 hours of gameplay but so far i liked the diversity for hunting, awsome!)

Story (its awsome so far)

Game Performance (runs on perferct on UltraDetail on my PhenomII 810, 6GbDDR3, HD5770 on 1280x1024 Resolution)

InGame Work & Cooking (AWSOME)

Dungeons (no more repetitive Dungeons and Caves like in Oblivion)

Dragons, Werewolves and Vampires appearing in the game

Perks instead of Stats (Finally! i am tired of Stats in all RPGs where you can become as strong as a Mammoth with little or no muscle, Stats just dont make sense to me)

Thats pretty much it, in my own Personal opinion Oblivion is a better game overall... Skyrim shines in some things while in others it feels rushed or lazy (Textures, UI, Animations, Character Creation Options), I feel Skyrim is a small upgrade over Oblivion, but not the Revolution i was expecting.

I liked the game and having fun, it was worth every peny i payed but i did honestly expect much much more, cant wait for the Creation Kit to start moddifying the game.

I would rate Skyrim a 86 out of 100.
Title: Re: Things i Personally liked and disliked about Skyrim
Post by: Mort on 2011-11-17, 18:00:17
I agree with a lot of what you are saying.  Personally, I have not played any of the previous Elder Scrolls games, so I came in with a new prospective.  I agree with you on the lines of the textures and graphics look quite dated, but I will mention that the game itself is presented well and is quite beautiful to look at.  I love its openness and how it gives you the feeling that you are not restrained with where you go or what you do.  Personally I feel some repeatativeness with the dungeons, as a lot of them are copies of textures and format.  I have yet to come across a dungeon where you are climbing a tower of some kind or you are in an outside type dungeon where you can look up and see the sky.  Every dungeons so far has felt that you are going underground, or going deep within a temple of some kind.  It could be that I have yet to see all the dungeons there are, but that is what im getting so far.

I feel that dragons (who I assume are suppose to be the main bad guy of the storyline) are too easy, expecially when there are NPCs around.  I have yet to find any difficulty in killing the 4-5 that I have compared to getting one shotted by a mammoth or giant

Spells are overpowered compared to using weaponry...

This is basically what I have come across in the 20-some hours I have played it.  I will say that I am enjoying the game a lot and I continue to be entertained as more and more things happen.

Title: Re: Things i Personally liked and disliked about Skyrim
Post by: Mort on 2011-11-27, 23:21:30
I would also like to add that the only thing companions are good for are to be pack mules.

Speaking of which, I found this video.  It had me in tears for a good 5-10 minutes.  Halarious how the door "denies" her at the end. :D

Title: Re: Things i Personally liked and disliked about Skyrim
Post by: EtaYorius on 2011-12-10, 10:07:01
Haha yeah.