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Title: Galaxy Wars
Post by: Barnabas on 2011-10-24, 16:33:41
A few days ago a friend of mine visited me and I showed him the current state of my Vampire project. Unfortunally he doesn´t really care about Vampire the Masquerade, but he is a huge fan of a well known space opera that contains meanwhile six main movies and a few spin offs. Because of being afraid of the lawyers of the creator of this well known space opera ( who is famous for loving his fans as far as they pay for every little thing they do with his creation and absolutly fights against every kind of stuff that is related to his creation but could be for free for the fans ), I decided to name this well known space opera in this forum "Galaxy Wars". Apart from this my friend was impressed of the possibilities of embrace and asked me, if it would be possible to create maps/mods containing this "Galaxy Wars". I told him, that it would be possible (except of any space fights, as far as I know). I also told him, that I´d like to teach him how to map and how to add custom textures, but as a view of you know, I´m an absolute dead loss for skinning and modelling. So my question is: does anyone of you know skin-, weapon- and proppacks containing stuff of that space opera?
Title: Re: Galaxy Wars
Post by: CL0wN on 2011-10-25, 08:23:16
Javokis has a pack avalible and if you download the S.I.X. mod there is quite a lot of future weapons and gear as well as aliens, villains, shops and props such as ships etc. Many of the player characters have a futuristic clothing upgrade. You are free to use any of my stuff. Check out the maps in the mod as well. If you want to use them in your project I sugest a map exchange. If you are looking for specific models let me know I might be able to help you out.
Title: Re: Galaxy Wars
Post by: EtaYorius on 2011-10-26, 21:54:14
I never got and liked the whole Star Wars or Star Trek stuff... but i do like Conspiracies about UFOs, i dont really have much of that stuff inside GigaPack, as much as i got is a few Greys, Reptilians a crappy ALien Gun and a Crappier UFO haha.