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Title: Blast From The Past
Post by: Old Fecker on 2011-10-02, 08:29:02
Hello all that know/knew me from back in the day!

Stumbled across the site again in a google search for something pretty unrelated. I'll be honest, I'm really surprised that this place is still ticking over!

Don't really have the time to play PC games anymore let alone mod them. I'm mostly into video editing, photoshop, after effects etc. nowadays. But, I'm usually on my 360 most days so if you've got one of them feel free to send me a friends request. My gamertag is: Old Fecker, just send a message as well so I know where you've come from!

I'm part of a community of gamers both male and female of all ages over at Gamerkitten.com (http://www.gamerkitten.com/forum/index.php) and my Youtube channel is: HERE (http://www.youtube.com/user/OldF3cker).

Here's a couple of our game meets over at Gkit:


Oh, and I don't go by the name Sengoku anymore. I haven't gone by that tag since around 2006.
Title: Re: Blast From The Past
Post by: Javokis on 2011-10-04, 09:14:03
I haven't much time for that either, but I'm still a PC gamer. Good to hear from you. Hope life's been treating ya' well.

So you go by Old Fecker now? I think you can change your profile name here if you like. Somewhere around here there's an option for that...