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Title: Few games i.. eer... Got.
Post by: EtaYorius on 2011-06-22, 08:30:04
Im just going to place a Score of few modern PC games recently released and just give a few comments about the games:

Witcher 2: 89-100
Awsome Game, i already talked about this game.

Hunted the Demons Forge: 81-100
I just started playing this game, and daamn i recommend it! the only bad about it are the really low quality of the models, they dont look as modern... the Fem Elf do look good, but the human guy totally looks like crap.

Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale: 58-100
I was expecting this game... and its a complete dissapointment, no char customization at all, not much variation of enemies since you keep fighting the same enemies over and over again, and the quest are super boring.

DiRT 3: 91-100
If you played DiRT2 and love it, you are going to love this one even more, but somehow i remeber DiRT2 had better graphics... going to need to check DiRT2 again to see if i am right.

Duke Nukem Forever: 80-100
I know there has been some really low scores on this game, and let me tell you... Fuck em, the game is SUPER FUN, but yes... the engine do feel kinda Dated, the graphics are on par with Bloodlines, the Physics and the animations are in fact really bad, there is no Physics on the hair of the models which now a days is a MUST, the facial animations are super bad, when the characters speak they look like Doom3 rudimentary facial animations, but overall the game is a fun fun experience, i think whoever review the game had some really high standards of Modern DX11 games.

Dragon Age 2: 51-100
BAD GAME, dont even touch the damn thing... its a complete shame to Origins with bad animations, rushed non epic storyline, boring characters, super Gay&Emo predefined Character, repetitive levels (you spend half the game crawling cloned levels) i even regret Downloading this crap.