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Title: Bringing a map to life
Post by: Tromador on 2011-06-20, 04:29:07
Has anyone had real success with the "interest points".

Every time I've added them to a map, then subsequently added some civs from the ST panel, what I seem to end up with is a massive huddle of civs standing on interest points.

I tend to believe that adding actors in the Embrace app is the wrong way to do things. There is a reasonable likelihood they aren't where the ST wants them, so the ST has to remove/replace with the actors for their particular chron.

That said, is the best way to add actors with some pathing, via Embrace and skip the whole Interest Point mechanic altogether.
Title: Re: Bringing a map to life
Post by: Javokis on 2011-07-01, 21:56:12
You could go the path of Oblivion... take it a step further by giving NPC's real tasks. Just got to get a "cup" of Java then savoir its flavor.