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Title: Witcher2
Post by: EtaYorius on 2011-06-07, 06:48:59
The game looks wonderfull, and performs GREAT on my HD5770, everything on Ultra Detail on 1024x768 (for some reason it wont allow any greater Resolution) with SSAO and UberSampling Off, the game runs at 45-60 frames everywhere, but as soon as i turn On UberSampling the frames drop to 19-25.

There are some nice references to LotR all over the game, there is also some really funny scene where you get to see UbiSoft greatest franchise character dead... seems faith wasent on his side, i think they did this to mock UbiSoft and their DRM Schemes, i think a way of saying "FU" to them, since the Witcher2 can be installed in any number of PC?s and patch 1.1 gives a No-CD Exe.
Title: Re: Witcher2
Post by: Javokis on 2011-06-07, 14:00:08
Witcher 2 is number 1 on my wishlist at Steam. Hope to get it someday.
Title: Re: Witcher2
Post by: EtaYorius on 2011-06-08, 08:32:17
I kinda feel sorry for CDPojekt... i feel i should bought their game, they are the only company i feel like supporting, these guys are just awsome, if i had the money i would bought the game twice just to support them.

You dont get many Devs like them now a days, The Witcher2, DeadIsland and TESIV-Skyrim were the most wanted games in my 2011 list, DeadIsland already prooved to be a SHIT in the 20 minute gameplay with horrible animations and ragdolls, it is also boring and you actually need to have certain level to use "certain" weapons  *dude grab the fireaxe zombies are coming! dudeee no way! that weapon is beyond my level!* haha, they messed up bad, and they promised the most scariest and realistic zombie game EVER haha yeah right.

About Skyrim, i just cant wait for that game...
Title: Re: Witcher2
Post by: EtaYorius on 2011-06-11, 16:24:26
Just recently re-played The Witcher 1 after 2 years, and after 20 mins of gameplay i couldnt belive it was this crappy... the animations are horrible and the models are too bulky, i dont know... when i first played the witcher 1 two years ago i thought it was great, but now... i feel dissapointed, i feelt completely grossed out even by the enhanced version, everything about it seemed ugly, its odd because when i first played it everything was so great, i just cant explain... quite odd, ended up deleting the witcher 1.

Still playing the second game and so far enjoy it incredibly.
Title: Re: Witcher2
Post by: Javokis on 2011-06-11, 23:46:27
I was able to complete Witcher 1 with a neutral ending, but struggled with Old Vizima crashing constantly during the heavy fighting scenes. There was areas where I couldn't even attack because the lag was so high that Geralt would go idle with his sword in the middle of a fight. That was the enhanced edition with directors cut patch. Not a whole lot of optimization in Witcher 1 even in enhanced edition. I really held off on The Witcher because of all the bugs I heard about. Crysis and Assassin's Creed ran better with way larger environments.

Hope Witcher 2 works better. I really liked the adult themes in Witcher 1 and only had disdain over the bulky combat system and lagged out areas, but I at least completed Witcher 1 and liked the ending. I usually find endings most lacking, but witcher 1 had an above average ending.
Title: Re: Witcher2
Post by: EtaYorius on 2011-06-12, 19:58:38
I dont want to ruin the game for you, Witcher 2 is BEAUTIFULL! but i finished the game in only 2 nights, somehow feelt RATHER SHORT, also didnt really get to see much romance from different chars as the witcher 1, i remember screwing more than 20 different females in the first game, in the second i could only screw with a bunch, but the scenes are MUCH MUCH worth it...

Overall i would give the witcher 2 a 85 out of 100, sometimes npc chars would just pop in front of you... the animations are much better than the first, but still there are a lot of issues.

Great game, but i was expecting much more.