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Title: Modification bloodpoolsize
Post by: Delmon on 2011-02-14, 09:15:58

I would like to make that bloodpoolsize depend on the generation instead of the rank (novice, neonate, ancilla......) for player. For Pnj is easy with not editor but i haven't find any script or file that controlled  player's levelling.

I would like to now if that was possible ?
Title: Re: Modification bloodpoolsize
Post by: Javokis on 2011-02-14, 10:21:39
There is no file that controls player's leveling. You have to create a script similar to e-mod 1.8. Apply the script to a persistent effect that keeps bloodpool matched with generation settings. So you either stuck with script triggers or persistent effect timers designed to work around the game engine leveling system.

I did make a tutorial on modding that covered creating a script for an effect. That should give you an idea of the concept you should aim for.