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Title: AoR 2010 Edition (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2010-04-13, 02:30:54
Here's a list of features I have done so far for the 2010 version:

What's done...

-Better walk cycle handling for walk cycle actors. Much more persistant, way more consistant.
-"Pets" (Summon Soul, Feral Whispers, Summon Elemental, Shambling Hordes, ect) now transition levels with caster
-Entrancement no longer possesses target, it will act similar to Feral Whispers, but for non-animals.
-"Pets" no longer block movement when not in combat
-You can now cancel all summoning disciplines listed above (right click effect icons).
-You can now cancel Majesty (right-click majesty effect icon)
-Changed the "Stay with ST" feature to only change the "revive location" to the location of the host
-New effect for Mist Form. Now looks and functions similar to Wodal's Mist Form.

What's in the works...

-Add AI hunting tactics for enemies and players*
-AI will only use feral claws if no weapon is equipped *
-Add logical use of mental disciplines (awe, dreaded gaze, ect) *
-Model changes only occur (Christof rags, wounded, vampire) if Christof template is detected (SP and MP) *
-Fix enemies that weren't respawning in v2009
Title: Re: AoR 2010 Edition (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2010-04-20, 22:34:28
Some additional fixes:

-The skiff in the New York Sewers doesn't work right in multiplayer.
-If you turn off automatic storyteller, you'll get stuck in cut scenes. This will be fixed in the 2010 edition to support turning off automatic storyteller. Turning off automatic storyteller should make things equivalent to the 2006 version of AoR.
-Ardan had some issues in multiplayer if he wasn't killed by the host.

All of the features listed in the last post have been finished.