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Title: Notes on the NAI files (Enemy AI)
Post by: Javokis on 2010-04-10, 22:53:49
Here's the info I have compiled so far:

Code: [Select]
//The following tags appear to do nothing and don't even seem to be needed

//attackType 0 //Appears to do nothing o.0
//moveType 0 //Does nothing
//moveFlags 0x0 //Does nothing
//moveDist 1024.0 //Does nothing
//chaseDist 512.0 //Does nothing. Why is it even here?
//chaseRate 1.0 //Same as above
//searchRate 1.0 //Does nothing.

//The following flags do in fact do something when you change them. Notes are as follows...

attackFlags 0x0
// attackFlags
// 0x0 Walk to target only
// 0x1 Run to target

attackRate 0 //Rate of attack (in seconds)
attackAlt 0 //Rate of alternate attack (if valid) (in seconds)
moveRate 0.5 //Rate of which AI will search for target (in seconds)
searchDist 800.0 //Affects distance of target detection

behaviorClass 0
//behaviorClass Info
// 0 = aggressive
// 1 = fearful (peds)
// 3 & 4 do nothing unless combined with searchStyle = 1

interestNum 0 //Numbered points on the map the AI will wander to
wanderRadius 1024.0 //How far the AI will search for an interest point on map
wakeupDelay 0 //Delay between seeing the target and attacking it

mindflags 0x0
// nothing... 0x0
// NOAFRAID   0x1 //AI not affected by fear
// NODAZED   0x2 //AI immune to daze
// NOMESMERIZED   0x4 //AI cannot be mesmerized (awe)
// NOPOSSESSED   0x8 //AI cannot be possessed
// NOMAJESTY   0x10 //AI not affected by majesty

searchStyle 0
//SearchStyle Info
// 1 = aggressive towards any violence in the area
// 2 and above are passive and will only attack if explicitly attacked
Title: Re: Notes on the NAI files (Enemy AI)
Post by: (TC) on 2012-05-30, 08:01:29
Good morning guys, still in my futile questions. How do I get an NPC to use a discipline that I put in the file. NAI corresponding to it? Like, I want the character to go werewolf form Crinos so see your enemy, though he still does not use discipline, you know? Can anyone help me?
 sorry for bad english
Title: Re: Notes on the NAI files (Enemy AI)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-05-30, 12:05:50
The NAI doesn't tell the NPC how to use disciplines. It only tells the npc what type of disciplines to use based on (frequency). This doesn't allow you make any specific tactic. To create specific tactics for you're NPC's AI, you'll need to make a java script. The AoR source code can make for a good reference on how AI's can be programmed through java. Java scripting is the only way to get the AI to do exactly what you want it to do within given situations.
Title: Re: Notes on the NAI files (Enemy AI)
Post by: (TC) on 2012-05-31, 07:28:57
So for this Javokis need to know java programming language, is it? I would very much my characters werewolves transform in the form Crinos, you have any idea how to program it? I'm kind of amateur programming language. But it would be a Garou.class, stating that he would have to use diciplina Crinos for example? You would help me with this? My project is to make a layout medieval, involving Vampires Werewolves and Fairies in a scenario Eastern Europe in 1099 AD, the year of the fall of Jerusalem in the 1st Crusade, where the power play is prevalent among Ventrues eTzimisces between Fangs Silver and Shadow Lords etc ... I know it must be hard for you, but would appreciate if you could help me regarding java programming.

 Thank you for your attention
Title: Re: Notes on the NAI files (Enemy AI)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-05-31, 12:22:36
"Give a person a fish and you'll feed them for a day. Teach them to fish and you'll feed them for a lifetime."

I can't do project requests anymore. I just don't have the time to keep giving people scripts on demand. I would encourage you to take the time to learn the skill sets needed. I can help when it comes to learning because I feel that's where the most good can be done for this community.

AI programming can be a bit tedious, but writing a tutorial on the subject would be a much better use of my time than just giving someone a specific script. Writing a tutorial will take time, but it's the goal of E-Mods.net to make sure there's a database of knowledge for most anything anyone would want to know. I've been quite busy in trying to fulfill this goal, but slowly and surely, I'll get much of it done. The community just needs to be patient. ;)
Title: Re: Notes on the NAI files (Enemy AI)
Post by: (TC) on 2012-06-01, 08:16:10
"Give a person a fish and you'll feed Them for a day. Teach Them to Fish Them and you'll feed for a lifetime." I understand perfectly what you mean, and I appreciate the truth in his words, since 2003 researching on this game without much progress until start interacting with the E-mod. I'll start searching deeper into the programming, I appreciate the encouragement, and I believe this is really the goal of this community, I was just blind to it in the midst of my excitement, and frustration when my Werewolf would not go the way Crinos, hehehehe! ! Sorry, at my request uncompromising. Continue your work with the tutorials and mods are very good.
thank you (TC)