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Title: Missing lights
Post by: Barnabas on 2010-03-24, 19:46:49
Is there am max number of lights, that can be placed in one sector? I ask because I have some maps, where I placed lights, then made a full export but ingame more than the half of the lights where gone. For example a long street - some streetlights, every lightbox has the same settings, but ingame only a few parts of the lights work, and a very annoying thing is, that you can see the limitations of the different sectors ingame because of the missing lights. There are whole sectors, that are only lightened by ambience- and moonlight....

Ok, set the falloff of the lights to standart setting and reexported the Map - now every light is off. Only Moon- and Ambience light - damn - my whole map is dark now and I don´t know, what I did wrong with the lights. Don´t want to delete the map - took 2 Months work  :'(

LOOOOOOOOL - I found the mistake. When my wife played Redemption last time, she set the display to vertex in the graphics option. I set it back, and the lights returned.
Sorry for disturbing you with this stupid mistake^^