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Title: Vtmr vs Ravenloft?
Post by: Kaelidian on 2010-03-23, 04:45:26
what were the key differences in rules etc? Because the way the engine was setup to run as a kind of scary dark style rendering, wouldnt it be perfect for a Ravenloft setting?
Plus the first book in the ravenloft series was Vampires in the Mists... so...

Im pissed off that Ravnos gets no backstory I cant really find them in ANYTHING so Im pretending that they are in ravenloft. lol seeing as the gypsies travel there even though there was some topic of ravnos being not gypsies but instead of Indian bloodlines. I want the ravnos to have a bigger part in the vampire game and I intend to make it so.
Title: Re: Vtmr vs Ravenloft?
Post by: Javokis on 2010-03-26, 01:03:43
From a programming perspective, I'm curious to see how you intend to pull off Chimerstry. The only way I would do Chimerstry myself is to use Wodal. Hopefully, I'll have it in 0.5a if only I can get around to doing that.
Title: Re: Vtmr vs Ravenloft?
Post by: Kaelidian on 2010-03-26, 13:34:16
Oh yeah, they do have that dont they. I've already got some ideas.
Out of the couple of ideas that popped up my worse was to access some area of the computers specs that doesnt exist causing fatal graphics issues.. that seems like a good method of Horrid Reality. Hahaha