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Title: Dabbling in Crysis Sandbox 2
Post by: Javokis on 2009-09-09, 18:10:23
I must admit, this is quite an impressive editor. Simple to use, has a "what you see is what you get" system, plenty of support, and a lot of sample content.

I just finished my first bump map texture for Crysis and was even playing with Gloss and Specular effects. Check out my attachment. Crysis has such an arbitrary system for custom textures that I don't have to place my dds files in any specific folder as long as it's localized within the project where it can be referenced by a material file (like a .nam file only way better).

Tools used:

GIMP 2.6 /w DDS & Bumpmap plugin
Texture acquired from a free Gaming Textures webby

You can download my project here:

https://e-mods.net/downloads/maps/crysis/FirstMap.zip (https://e-mods.net/downloads/maps/crysis/FirstMap.zip)

Place the FirstMap folder into the Crysis/Game/Levels folder and then run it in Sandbox editor. Let me know if the textures show like the below image (My Specs are Very High):