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Title: Dual ST mode script?
Post by: ORI on 2008-08-20, 06:06:50
Ever heard of a mod that allows two people to act as storytellers? (even if the other one is only able to do Global speak, Possess actors and move stuff) I know this can be done with WoDal but I was wondering if there is another version that can be used with WTD or WoDmod
Title: Re: Dual ST mode script?
Post by: Javokis on 2008-08-20, 09:58:35
Not really. I heard about people that tried to make the ST interface work with clients, but there's too much hard-coded security to prevent that.
Title: Re: Dual ST mode script?
Post by: ORI on 2008-08-20, 12:12:11
One of the succeeded so im told but the mod never got published outside that group.
Title: Re: Dual ST mode script?
Post by: Barnabas on 2008-08-25, 15:15:14
Every rumors about a Multi ST are fakes. A friend of mine and myself ( more the friend  ;D ) tried to create that. We had to recognize, that the IP of the ST, which is needed to create a Multi ST, and theST itself, is coded in the file kver.pup. Unfortunally it can´t be decoded, so there´s no way to create a Multi ST ( unfortunally ). If I should be wrong and there is a possibility, please tell me, because a Multi ST would make things much easier...
Title: Re: Dual ST mode script?
Post by: Javokis on 2008-08-25, 16:34:58
I've been told by people that they got it to work too, but their's no evidence to support any truth in those statements.
Title: Re: Dual ST mode script?
Post by: ORI on 2008-08-28, 08:55:29
Well I dont really care for the ability to create things in the second ST

A ST assitant Char only needs the ability to possess any NPCs(modified unrestricted Possession/Command), Move Invisiable to all other players when needed(modified unrestricted Obsfuscate), Use some form of Global Text chat (though I guess Shout works )
and Maybe the ability to teleport between scenes though thats not a must because the main ST can move him/her also when needed.

Problem is I dont know how to create these disciplines from the originals and make them act as a godmod version of themselves

Title: Re: Dual ST mode script?
Post by: Barnabas on 2008-08-31, 05:27:27
Hmm, some of these things should be possible - Possess NPCs is possible with one of the original disciplines, it has only to be modified in the time the possess runs. An invisble char is also possible - a friend of mine created a char, that has the power to become invisble, it was created to be a ghost. So these to things should be possible. Teleport between the scenes has to be made by the ST.
Title: Re: Dual ST mode script?
Post by: ORI on 2008-08-31, 07:53:22
Yeah that was my thought exactly. With WoDal it can be fairly easy to accomplish I think but I dont know if anyone uses it still.

I think that if I finish this interactive flash chargen that I started a while ago(screenshot provided) which should make creating basic WoDal character text files much more comfterable and errorless, maybe it would be easier for the average users to get started with it.
(since creating character files in notepad and having to put it all in correct syntax can be a real pain)

I started it a while ago but never finished so now that the interface is mostly done I finally have time to get to the coding part(which is partly learning experience cause I never tried to dabble with dynamic text fields in flash before).

The generator will work like this:
The user setup the char using the UI > The Code behind the UI take the parameters and puts them into a WoDal text template that will appear in a dynamic text field(or Text box if you will) > the User then select the Text and use Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V to copy and paste the text into Notepad > The user then save the notepad file as *.txt and place it into the proper WoDal Folder..
Easy right?
You also dont have to worry about syntax error in character files or
 inconsistancy in character parameters (i.e missing tags because someone was too lazy to input them )
Title: Re: Dual ST mode script?
Post by: Javokis on 2008-08-31, 10:52:37
There's one big issue with client possession that I have noticed.

Clients cannot:

-Speak while possessing.
-cast a possessed target's "modded" disciplines though they can cast possessed target's original game disciplines (Feed, Blood Healing, Potence, ect). I have not tested whether the Wodal disciplines can be accessed by a client possessing another target, but noticed that in E-Mod 1.8, none of the possessed target's disciplines will appear for clients.
-leave the level while possessing a target.

The above are hard-coded limitations of the game. I can't do anything about those.
Title: Re: Dual ST mode script?
Post by: ORI on 2008-08-31, 15:20:45
Oh thats kind of a bummer , too bad as it could take the load off some STs and minimize the wait time in scenes where the ST has the players seperated from one another..
Though maybe its possiable to mimick possession:  make a discipline that teleports the Caster to the targeted NPC position, swiftly causes him to do Maskofa1000faces on target NPC and delete the NPC fast enough so it appears the NPC got possessed?
When deciding to end the possession the Caster can cast anywhere, he gets teleported again, gets Masked(or Invis depends on what he is targeting) and the NPC which was saved in memory is recreated in his place..
Not sure if its possiable to make it happen fast enough though as to not ruin the atmosphere.

 Though now that I think of it, this processs may be the process real ST possession actually happens (since you see that white light thing of shapeshifting when you do ST possession)

So that might be one improvised option to go around the problem and might also solve the leave the scene and discipline problems if it actually works. but then maybe im getting abit ahead of myself again because at this point I have no hard evidance this will actually work.
Title: Re: Dual ST mode script?
Post by: Javokis on 2008-08-31, 17:06:21
I do think you might be on to something with that general idea. The 0.3a of Wodal should be able to pull that off.

I highly doudt that the ST possession works that way. That white shell is nothing more than an effect.