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Title: Creating normal item
Post by: 211 on 2008-07-15, 05:23:33
im trying to create normal (not weapon, armor,..) item, that can be placed in inventory. I have no problem with creating armor or weapon, but don't know how to make normal item. I tryied to make PROP item, but these items seems to be unworkable with inventory.
Isn't here some documentation to NOT editor? I would be realy gratefull for that.
Title: Re: Creating normal item
Post by: Javokis on 2008-07-15, 07:16:08
I did make this...


...awhile back ago. I'll give more direct info later. It's actually quite simple as changing the TYPE tag to ITEM, but a few other tags should be noted so you'll know how to make the type of item you want.