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Title: Life Update
Post by: Javokis on 2008-02-15, 14:10:11
I'm kind of at a crossroads right now on what I want to do for a hobby and a carrere. C++ really fried my brain and scared the hell out me on the world of programming. I don't think I want to look at C++ again for a long time. Infact I haven't touched code in over 2 months since I barely survived C++. I'm not sure what I want to do for this mod at this point. I might get back on the saddle, but then again I might not...

I may just want to do Wodal and stick with my basic hobby like I've always done.
Title: Re: Life Update
Post by: ORI on 2008-02-16, 14:47:56
I doubt Modders C++ is as hard as what you encounter in the studies I think you can tackle it if you really want to.

Or maybe you could do the (Next to noneexsistant) redemption community another favor and learn MEL scripting so you can learn to Recreate Redemption Animation Exporter Plugin to Maya 2008? Not that anyone really plays redemption anymore but might be nice for old times sake.
Might be more work than whats it worth though.

Since the World of Darkness was recreated I think less and less people are into OWoD stuff anyway.
Funny because apperantly Malkavians(not Malkovian) are being reintroduced in the nWoD Ventrue Clanbook ,
still if you go WoDal you will have more luck in implamenting the NWoD system first If you want it to appeal to players.

My Life Update: Im still in studies , iv become fairly proficient in using Maya , more credit to self learning than to my teacher though :-/, im now working on my end semester movie.

Title: Re: Life Update
Post by: arathalion on 2008-05-20, 01:46:30
just finished a game prototype assignment and am about to start a large game project with school.

extremely busy. i'm still looking around for time to look at doing some mapping or something.

ORI: depending on what you want to do with source it is.

jav: how much have you done with java? if you want to have a look at programming again but c++ scared you then i suggest having a go with it. its a higher level language and does memory management for you.
Title: Re: Life Update
Post by: ORI on 2008-05-20, 10:18:38
What and Where are you studying Arath?

Im very busy with studies of late and have little time to kick back and relax as im constantly stacked with homework projects of Graphic Design, AfterEffects , Illustration ,Artistic Painting/Drawing, 3d(Maya) ,Avid and Classic Animation  and to top it off Iv recently learned to code in ActionScript3(Flash CS3 coding) on my spare time (excused by the making interactive banners for Graphic Design lesson).

So im sorry but Iv worked very little on this project as I have other prioritis, though on a lighter note though, Iv managed to get away with presenting my Tremere model as part of our  Modelling lessons(under the title Warlock rather than tremere) and now I also have some upcoming project of designing the interior where he is living.

I still didnt get around to doing the rigging and texturing of the model and I have a slight aversion from starting to learn XSI atm because it reminds me too much of Avid (Annoying film editing software), when the time come I think ill look at the 3dsmax alternative , just not too soon I guess.

here is a update of the model which im not completely pleased with(Ill have to redo some of the facial features )
Title: Re: Life Update
Post by: arathalion on 2008-05-20, 16:05:56
adv dip games

about to start major game project. game ideas are being pitched to a panel that includes people from 2k Australia and Mirco Forte and possibly anyone else who happens to be in canberra today. they pic a game idea pitched by the class and we make it.
Title: Re: Life Update
Post by: Javokis on 2008-05-21, 11:58:36
I was checking out the gallery there at that school site. That's some pretty good stuff.

As for my update, I've been doing much to try and keep up with the school work, which is quite a lot. I have a game project again with one of my classes. I'm going to make a basic 2d RPG game using C#. It'll use a grid like a chess board for moving and attacking in an open location. Nothing fancy since I have only less than a few weeks to create it. The teacher already gave me the basic code needed to build the draw box for my game. My only problem is figuring out how to move to a grid position in an image box using the mouse.

Between coding for school I've been relaxing with simcity societies and simcity 4. Societies is quite a inefficiently coded game that doesn't even seem to have dual core processing support, but besides the horrible (having to play on low settings), the game is quite fun. Here's an image of an industry I constructed in simcity societies...


The game seems to run most stable on XP-64bit, which I thought was odd. All the other operating systems tend to either crash or lag so much even on low settings that it is almost unplayable, but on XP64-bit the game runs oddly well.