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Title: Make a Switch Door
Post by: Nagaraja on 2007-07-24, 07:58:12

I want to know,plz,how to make a door that open whit a switch(in embrace).Plz,explaine me how to make this work,so I will be able to make betters map :).I already thank you!!!


First off, This is the long way, but in the end, you will know it inside and out :)
Make a brush (the size of the door that you want), and right click on your 2d menu, make the "door" a template_brush.

Apply the texture you want to the door.

Press N and find Pick Script in the overrides. Find SwitchDoor.class

Apply script. And in the things tree, find tracker_thing_nohilite (CLICK IT ONLY ONCE) Apply template.

The tracker_thing_nohilite will make the door not highlight when the cursor is over it. If you want it to highlight, just apply tracker_thing.

Now, with the door still selected, press SHFT+K, it will make a pathpoint(or hinge) for the door. Press N, and set the pathpoint's YAW to 90.

The door is done...halfway through.

Make a brush you want for the switch, and make it a template_brush.

Find a switch you want in the Things tree(Press N), and apply template. (It doesn't matter which type, in this tutorial).

Now, deselect the switch, and select the door. Press SHFT+C to bring up the Codex linker. Click the Switch Value box (make it turn blue).

Here's the tricky part...stay with me.

In the 3d window (with the codex menu still up, and value box blue)

SHFT+LEFT CLICK the switch. You should see Codex# appear in the blue box. Press apply in the Codex linker. When you select the door, a purple line will shoot out to the switch.

You've made a secret door, with a switch.

Title: Re: Make a Switch Door
Post by: Barnabas on 2010-03-29, 12:01:40
I´d like to build something like an air lock. For this I´d like to link two switch doors to one switch. When I use the switch, I´d like that one door ( that was always open ) closes and after a while ( few seconds ) the other door ( that was closed ) opens. Means I´d like to create a switch door that opens with a latency period of some seconds after using the switch. Is that possible? If yes, how?
Title: Re: Make a Switch Door
Post by: Javokis on 2010-03-29, 12:25:05
Yes... you'll need Java of course.
Title: Re: Make a Switch Door
Post by: Barnabas on 2011-08-03, 07:11:48
Is it possible to use/convert a prop as/to a door?
Title: Re: Make a Switch Door
Post by: Javokis on 2011-09-27, 09:35:20
Yes. As to how in a nut shell:

In not editor for the prop object
-Change/Add MOVETYPE tag to TRACK

Spawn object in embrace and add frames and door script. Should be all that's needed.