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Title: Sector Tips
Post by: Nagaraja on 2007-07-23, 14:34:55

What is the correct way to Sector a map? Even when I am 100% postive that the sectors line up I still get walls that go missing and glitches in the Map.


Well generally it's best to use as few sectors as possible, but when you can save alot of space, it's worth it to make a new sector. And example would be that if you're going up a mountain, you'd want several sectors, one for the lower altitude part, and others for higher up.

As for fixingbugs, you want sectors to touch each other exactly. They shouldn't overlap, or not meet. One time I thought I had them perfect, but when I set the grid size smaller, I found out they were only small grid off. I don't know how it happened... but it did. You may want to try setting the grid size small to check if you have that problem.

Other than that... just keep on trying different stuff to try to fix your problems.

Title: Re: Sector Tips
Post by: Barnabas on 2011-02-18, 16:07:04
These sectors in my hubs drive me mad. I export a map and run it, one sector does not work and I have glitches. I repair the sector, and run the level and other sectors, that were ok, do not work. I reexport the map without changing it and run the map, other sectors than before do not work and so on.... What do I do wrong? Is there a maximum size for a sector? Is there a maximum ammount for sectors?

Edit: Argh! I deleted all sectors in the hub and made new ones - was work for hours, but still I have the same problem: glitches at every Sectorborder. I changed the grid, but all sectors touch each other - what did I do wrong?
Title: Re: Sector Tips
Post by: Javokis on 2011-03-02, 22:19:27
Make sure your sectors span in all angles (x, y, and z). Also make sure that there's a light in each sector. Sometimes a sector wont render anything if there's no light source anywhere within it.

Also a sector can become corrupted when copied from a brush. Damn annoying when it happens too.