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Title: William Wolvenheart The Bloody
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Name: William Wolvenheart (The Bloody*)
Race: Kindred
Clan: Malkavian (Derangements Present)
Gen: 7 (9)
Sire: Isabella Aribetha
Human age: 20
Blood age: 16
Rank: Neonate
Faction: Independent
Disciplines: Auspex, Dementation, Obfuscate , Potence, Fortitude, Celerity, Lure of Flames, Necromancy, Quietus

Exstra: Derangements are Multi-personality (body sharing) currently 2 personality’s present. Both can communicate in real time, one represents the local computernerd whos growing up, and hte other is a hardbreed fighting class who doesn't have so manny attatchlments to human vision on cruel, sadistic and such.

Physical discription: Dark-blond hair, light blue eyes, White skin, 1m80. (5 foot 11 inches)

Exstra: Eyes change colour at the more violent personality (Gold-reddish= Bloodywolf). During exstreame stress a Cold blooded veteran type personality takes over, eye colour: Purple.

Quote: "I did it my way!" -Gary Oldman


William Wolvnheart was born in Jan 24, 1970 and was bitten by a Childe of Malkav December 13, 1990 during his last year of Specialised school in ICT of that current time.  He was seduced by a Malkavian female.

This Malkavian female had been following him for quite some time now to see if he was worth the “Gift”. The Malkavian was bitten in the 17th century and came into a Torpor 200 Years later because she was killed by local farmers who tought her to be a witch. But instead of burning her, they simply attacked her with shovels and other farming equipment. She was burried in a stone coffin mared with holy symbols in a forest that came under bombardements during the near end of World War II. The effects caused the Coffin to shatter, and the local Malkavian primogen of that time found her dried corpse and revived her within a month. At first she was shaken by the change of times, But she quickly adapted.

She kept a low profile untill the late Eighties, when she for reason unknown, attacked a young ICT exchange student from Belgium at the local Harvard courtyard and embraced him. Resulting in the creation of the Malkavian vampire William. At first, he didn't have much effects from the malkavian blood, but that soon changed.

When William was a few months old in vampire therms, he found a diary of some sort and was quickly entralled by the story of a Farmer lad, also named William. The drawing that was on the cover almost resembled him perfectly. When he fully read trough the story. The story was fully unraveled by a Vampire named Scipoten late 2006.

After around 1 year, William found his sire when he came back to his heaven in torpor. But she was inside her coffin, he couldn't trace any forms of wounds nor had the invasion secutity measures been breached. on her coffin there was a note written only partialy in english. It stated that she went voluntarely into torpor, and she trusted him to keep the reapers hands from her corpse.

16 years later, William met a Tremere at Rainmoons (An anchient Grangel of the original population of America) Club and from there set path on gaining strength. Not soon after He and Scipoten created Wolf''s new blade, So far William dubbed it "The Blood Reaper" after his faviorite vampire game "legancy of Kain", reflecting the fact that the user has to give blood to the blade for its abilities to be used in an intresting manner.He also started to lower his generation by using a safe way of d (or the Ahmand in Anchient terms) by draining other clan kindred and gaining a lower generation or the ability to learn the clan's powers.

By time, the young computerfreak also became a Gunman whose ways of acting were... odd, rash and crazy to say the least, and the once annoying personality of Bloodywolf became a crusader thirsted for battle, one of the cruelest when it came tot torturing and a frezying madman who had no moral in battle.


Document 1: Vlad Dracula

Vlad was a very honorable man, and still is. Most say he was a bloodthirsty butcher, but those who met him or know his story know just how respectable he truly is.

Vlad Dracula and Vlad Dracul, Dracula's father, were both apart of the Order of the Dragon, an enigmatic and militaristic organization dedicated to eradicating enemies of the Church, both natural and supernatural. They bestow various insignias and/or items upon their members that other members can identify them by, all of which bear the symbol of a dragon. Dracul carried a sword and medallion given to him by the order, and when he was assassinated, they were passed on to Dracula. Dracula was a brilliant strategist, turning the Holy Roman Empire's and Ottoman Empire's armies against each other in Wallachia, what is now Romania. His brutal and darkly humorous practices only served as fear tactics. Impaling entire villages and defeated armies and leaving them there instilled fear in future invaders as they would see 'a forest of dead. Or when he demanded that the Muslims remove their turbans while they were in his land. When they refused, he told them that he would help them keep their tradition and ordered that their turbans be nailed to their heads.

His blood-drinking habits began when he and his Honor Guard ((those are the guards that protect the king or lord himself)) captured Tzimisce vampires and drained them of their blood. While the Tzimisce did not appreciate the abuse of their neonates, they did respect him for his brilliancy and ferocity. Vlad's Honor Guard, however, were exclusively members of the Order of the Dragon. At the end of his life, Vlad and his Honor Guard fought a Sabbat pack and managed to capture the two eldest in the pack, a pair of Tzimisce, the eldest in torpor and the younger badly wounded. Vlad forced the conscious Tzimisce to Embrace him followed by Vlad diabolizing his grandsire, the one in torpor. He then made his Honor Guard into his ghouls and finished his war.

Vlad Tepes took the advice of Durga Syn at one time when he was mortal. Durga Syn was a Ravnos vampiress who advised his father. On the Kindred side of things during this time, the Anarch Rebellion had just collapsed because of the Brujah betrayal, and the Camarilla and Sabbat fought ferociously for control over Europe. The squabbles of human affairs meant little to the Kindred.


Usefull info:

When wolf First appeared, his knowledge only reached into the medival ages, thus his unfammiliarity with modern technologies other then guns, who were in thier first forms at the end of the medivals, thus the reason William does the shooting, and wolf the swordfighting.

Isabella is an 8 generation malkavian who has lots of Dialebery on her tab, but when she was bitten, she already WAS 8th generation, she never bitten any vampire that lowered her generation in respect for her sires Generation relation. But she also gained a lots of powers using a special Sword. The sword was later destoryed by a Tremere named Scipoten.

Isabella is more then 800 years old, and was created during a short and unknown period where a group of malkavian kept embracing. thus explaining the high generation, The overembrace was put to an end by the local primogen. Only a few were spared, if they still live to this date is unknown.

Isabella was in Transelvania (or Hungary) around the time the Dracul Family ruled over the lands, she was also present during the war.

Wolf like to fight that much that when he does, some would mistake him with the beast. Only that this isn't for survival, unless you call ripping people open with your bare hands, wasting bulletclips like no tomorrow and torturing the eneamy with deathvision and other inhumane acts.

William spend most of his vampire years at Rainmoons bar, listening to his advice ocasionaly and trusts Rainmoon like family.

The Blood reaper:

Looks like a normal half body sized Katana untill you watch closely, its blade is covered with little engraving, and the cutting part have deep line streight ot the point, connected by a deep line that goes all the way to the handle, at the handle itsself, theres a small exstra streight pieces of blade on the dull side of the blade on wich the user can place its hand and imbue the blade with his blood, spreaded by the seep line and into the webs all around his blade. The blade is enchanted to never dull or break, and keep all the unused blood in the lines. It can resist all temperatures and has a small dark red metal chain connected to a bracelet that can be placed amongs the users wrist to prevent it from beeïng knocked away. The handle is wrapped in a black silksoft leather. But after all, the blades effectiveness is only as great as its user. On the diamond on the handle, you can see the slight fading of a dragon, one of the reason Bloodywolf uses it as his main close combat weapons and is never seen without unless situation doesn't allows him.


- The blood on the blade can be placed ablaze, or can be coated with deadly poison that does avvageated dmg with the Assimite Disciplines.
- Since the blade is indestructable, the blood on the blade can be set to explode in small burst, making it a perfect finisher when the blade is trusted into an eneamy.
- Since the user has its blood on it, if another person is cut deeply by atleast half the blade 3 times, there is a chance a blood bond might exist.
- If the user has a disciplines to retract the blood from the blade, he might be able to hurt others with it and drain the blood taken with the blade for himself, this is risky if you do this more then once due the bloodbond on the same person.

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Post by: Javokis on 2006-07-08, 20:48:58

As correct as can be for a fantasy role-playing game. Nice one Bloody.  ;)
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Post by: Slayden on 2006-07-10, 01:09:49
Well the report was definately made by a Malkavian...

LOL Ok let me see here... obserfucate Obfuscate, childe of Malkavin Childe of Malkav, the nr of vampires ??, price Prince, unability inability, and a few others.
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Better. This is much better than your first one. Exept your height. Are you really the size or a small house? :D In reading about your character in Rainmoon's Bar, it sounds like you had a Jeckle and Hyde personality in life. It could have been subtle or overt. Is this what you were going for? Or did you did you just gain the other personality after the Embrace? It might be something to think about.
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after embrace. and 1 meter 80 aint that small...

William: Young, clumsy, geeky but quick to learn

wolf: Compair him to alucard from the anime "Hellsing" without the ultra superpowers and the age.
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D'oh! Right, sorry about that. I'm still adjusting to the metric system. I thought you were the size of a two-story building.
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ohh right, now I see why, Well I'd like to change it to inchs, but I have no idea how to utelise the metric system of that... and Meters are noted as the standart metric system in the "Système international"
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Post by: Javokis on 2006-07-25, 19:08:55
Measurement converter here:

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Nice find :), but that uses a decimal system even on length, which has 12 inches to a foot.

Bloodywolf, you are 5 foot 11 inches.
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Meh. I just gone with the first converter I can find on a google search.  :P
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LOL I guess you could always just convert it to inches and from inches to feet. :P
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I suggest you read the first post again, I've updated the profile (added the measurement thing) AND added a short story after the


wich explains more about Bloodywolf.
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Nice. ;D As you keep revising, it gets better. I like the way you tied it together with the begining of Rainmoon's bar. There is just three things I want to point out. First, your Faction aslignment is Independent instead of Neautral. Second, Malkavians, unlike other clans, do not have to get permission from the Prince to Embrace because of their madness. The third thing is a bit tougher. You need to explain why you are such a low generation. Anyone Embraced after 1900 is between 11-13 generation, and those Embraced after World War II run the risk of being thin-bloods (14 and 15 gen). Either your sire was 8th gen, which will be very difficult to explain, especially concidering the circumstances of your Embrace, or either you or she is/was a diablost. The easiest way to explain this would be if she was the diabolist, concidering your vampiric age. That would also be a much more believable story too. Your sire was a diabolist so she had a Blood Hunt put out on her. She Embraced you but the Blood Hunt does not extend to your head. But your sire's bad reputation would ostracize you from the Camerilla, ensuring that you would either go Sabbat or Independent.
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Humn, good idea, my original plan was that she reawoke from a torpor a while ago, but yours looks nicer.

[edit 1]

OK I got 2 versions now, tell me what you think of my orignal idea, and if it doesn't look realistic (in rpg terms, unless you see vampires as realistic things) I'll try your way. I'm doing thing cause i have to learn how to do things myself :-p

I'm also posting my disciplines, completlely directly out of the book :-p So No credits taken. Unlike tremere, its seems we don't have the freedome of creating our own skills.

[edit 2]

You will see in the role play of the bar that i'm also hunted, i haven't said the reason yet, but if the first profile turns out better, I'll change my Bloodywolf's introduction story abit, and you will clearly see why the sherf tried to kill me.

[edit again, I'm edit addiced?]

Seems I was wrong, I didn't see the disciplines comp and where to find em at top, i'll keep the disciplines list away till I  write myself a list of what they all do, unless WW already made a small book 'bout it.
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Good story wrong clan. That is a Salubri thing. Once one has attained Golconda, he will Embrace another and have the Childe diablerize him, sorry. Also, Malkavians tend to Embrace and Ghoul on a whim rather than thoughtful planning. However, most Malkavians believe that mortals should live out thier natural lives so they tend to Embrace those who are in hospitals or asilums. Or in the case of your more intelligent Malkavians, they will find someone who has seen so much truth (or "truth") that the person in question is just on the verge of losing their sanity, at which point the Malkavian will construct an elaborate scenerio in which the Childe-to-be is pushed to insanity. At that moment, the Malkavian Embraces the Childe.
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ok Plan B.
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What's plan B?  ???
Title: Re: William Wolvenheart (The Bloody)
Post by: Slayden on 2006-08-04, 00:46:54
My suggestion. It takes a long time to brainstorm and even longer to get it down on paper (in this case typing it out).
Title: Re: William Wolvenheart (The Bloody)
Post by: Bloodywolf on 2006-08-05, 02:46:03
yeah kind of, I'm empty :-p But I's coming, slowly, just wait a few years :-p
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Few years eh? Are you writing a whole book on him er somthin'?
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I understand what he means. I think he is going to get it pretty detailed, just like mine. Why do you think I have yet to post mine? Also, I keep reading WoD and keep making revisions so progress has been slow... :-s
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Nah I'm just out of idea, so I'm gonne put it on hold for a while, and let the ideas flow in and then see what can and cannot...
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Stuff like this makes me miss some of my old profiles I lost awhile back ago. Anyone remember the military guy I made a profile of awhile back?
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nope, sry.

btw I'll update this profile when the roleplay "a Study of the mind" is done. or maybe if I suddenly get a flow of inspiration and idea.
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When I begin my new role play, I'll be using some of the ideas that I'm using in ASotM. I'm still trying to figure out how to implement some of the time frames for that one. :S
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Updated it a Wee bit. no story yet.
Title: Re: William Wolvenheart (The Bloody)
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Nice update. I just have a couple of things to point out. First, Lure of Flames is a Thaumaturgical Path, not a Discipline. It would be categorized by itself. Second, You have Necromancy from your diablerie of that Giovanni. Third, avatars are only available to Awakened Mages, and even they lose them upon the Embrace. The only avatar that a vampire my posses is called the Dark Avatar. This is not a true avatar, but rather a link to a Daimon Lord given in exchange for a portion of one's soul. And trust me, this cannot be passed on by a ring. Fourth, if you needed glasses before the Embrace, you still need them. Vampires are frozen in time and do not change. The need for glasses is called Bad Sight, a 1 point flaw.

Update on my story after A Study of the Mind, I'm canceling it. About five days ago I realized, "What the hell am I doing with my life?," much like what happened to Rainmoon. I am going to continue the story ASotM, but that is it. Also, I am going to create five models for Xaltar because I promised a contribution to his mod, then I'm leaving the team. Afterwards, I'm quitting WoD for good and maybe even video games as a whole, or maybe become a casual gamer instead of the hard-core gamer I was. I might still hang out at the bar though, working Rainmoon and paying with mysterious money that keeps appearing in my pocket. :P
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Yeah. I pretty much left WoD, but mainly because I got tired of evil stuff.

I don't mind role-playing casually on the forum as a Gangrel who I prefer to be completely clueless to the typical vamp politics. I still love games and will continue to play them in my free time, but homework must come first.

I must try to rebuild my love of programming after having much of it syphened out by a woman.
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Post by: Slayden on 2006-10-04, 23:53:53
I must try to rebuild my love of programming after having much of it syphened out by a woman.

Oh danm, she really messed you up already. It's good that you are getting away. I'm sure you will recover what you have lost. :)
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Updated profile a bit, its a bit messy atm, but I'm redoing it as a whole, in the near future, prolly when Scipotens RP session with me is over, so I can do everything at once.
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Post by: Bloodywolf on 2007-01-07, 11:06:14
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Post by: Bloodywolf on 2007-02-01, 13:26:49
Might ruin the idea a bit, but the Original William IS NOT DEAD. I'm still thinking bout what happened to him but Somewhere I'm planning to let them Cross paths.

The original William is going to be also A Malkavian or a Tzimisce. Still thinking.

The Royal Dragonguards (Dacs ghouls) aren't all dead, some managed to survive Like William. Durak, A Lieutenant in the group for example got embraced by a setite, Forcefully or willingly, unknown yet.

And Bloodywolf Sometimes forgets that he Is a mere copy.
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Post by: El Gostro on 2007-02-07, 11:20:20
wells reme,ber the malkie tutor trait thingie some of em who the bucket kicks in the plane physical to the network transports or uplods their pysche can and as tutors or voices to thers they can bes!