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Title: Creating Glow Textures for The Nod Engine
Post by: Javokis on 2007-03-25, 14:19:35
This tutorial will teach you how to create a nam file manually and have the nam file alter a texture's properties for a glow effect. For this tutorial we will make Christof's eyes glow in his portrait for our step by step example.

-First thing we do is go to Vampire - Redemption folder (where ever you installed it.)
-Find the Resource.nob file and open it with Winzip (http://www.winzip.com).
-Navigate the nob file to find ChrisEye1.tga and extract it directly into your main Vampire - Redemption folder.

-Now a 3d folder should be in your main Vampire - Redemption folder.
-Goto 3d/Materials to find the ChrisEye1.tga file.

-Now to be able to create a nam file for this tga file manually we'll need to go to Tools/Folder Options

NOTE: In windows 98 the folder options are located in the View menu. It's been awhile so maybe someone can verify this.

-And UNCHECK Hide extensions of known filetypes in the View tab of the Folder Options window.

-Now let's create a Text Document in the 3d/Materials folder.

-Notice that the file extension can now be renamed. Name the file as shown below (Now you have to include the whole file name WITH EXTENSION.)

-With a nam file created, it now takes presendence over the tga file. If you go in-game right now, Christof's eyes will no longer look right.
-This is because Redemption is coded to look for nam files FIRST before looking for an existing tga file.
-Now we are ready to play with Christof's eyes as we see fit. The nam file has FULL control now.
-Open the nam file with Notepad. You can setup windows to always open nam files with Notepad.
-Type in the follow line of code pass 0 [insert tga name here] full_add.
-In this case we'll use ChrisEye1.tga for the tga file.

-Now save the nam file then go in-game. Christof's eyes will appear a little brighter.

-You can also have his eyes look normal again through the nam file by typing in texture [insert tga name here].
-You don't have to delete the pass 0 line just place a ; (semi-colin) at the start of the pass 0 line to disable it. Like so:

-Christof's eyes will go back to normal.

-This is just one example of nam file editing. You can change the texture to ANYTHING THAT EXISTS within a 3d/Materials or Materials folder.
-Of course the tga has to be a propper format exceptable to Redemption.
-Let's try changing the line pass 0 ChrisEye1.tga full_add  to pass 0 Black.tga full_add.

-This should make Christof's eyes turn black.

Nam files have unrestrained access to both materials and 3d/materials folders so you have lot of textures you can play with from both the Resources.nob file and the LMaterials.nob files including any mod texture packs that you download. Try navigating through them to see what all you want to play with.

Title: Creating Glow RAMP Textures in Redemption
Post by: Javokis on 2007-04-16, 20:13:54
Here's something I think should be more interesting. There are tons of methods to make textures glow in Redemption, but there is one method that I find very useful all around. The method involves use of a glowramp. What I am about to teach will involve altering the Orsi's Mansion's reflective floor to add a glow texture overlay that can dim and brighten or flicker at your command. Here's what we're going to do:

-Go into your main Vampire - Redemption directory.
-Find LMaterials.nob and open it with Winzip (http://www.winzip.com) in classic mode.
-Find ORfloor1_2_v.nam located in the materials\Vienna subfolder of LMaterials.nob.
-Right click the file and choose extract:

-Extract the file directory into your main Vampire - Redemption folder (Winzip will include the sub directories... usually)

-Now check the Materials\Vienna subfolder and be sure the ORfloor1_2_v.nam is in there.

-Let's right-click the nam file and choose properties then remove Read-only from the file.

-Open the file with Notepad and this is the code you'll see:
Code: (ORfloor1_2_v.nam) [Select]
texture ORfloor1_2_v.tga
sound stone

-All we need to do is add the glow and glowramp commands. First type in

glow bloodSpurt.tga

-After the sound line. The glow command uses a tga file as it's one and only param.
-The tga file inputted will overlay over the existing texture with a glow effect.
-Now let's add the glowramp command. Glowramp uses one numbered param for input.
-The numbers represent a light style available in the game engine. Here are the allowed values:

Always on constant intensity=0
Flickering torch, low turbulence=1
Flickering torch, med turbulence=2
Flickering torch, high turbulence=3
Slow pulse=4 - Let's use this one.
Medium pulse, low val .2=5
Fast pulse, low val .5=6
Slow flourescent flicker=7
Med flourescent flicker=8
Fast flourescent flicker=9

-Let's choose light style 4 to start with by typing in

glowramp 4

-After the glow line.
-Your code should now look like so:

Code: (NewGlowEffect) [Select]
texture ORfloor1_2_v.tga
sound stone
glow bloodSpurt.tga
glowramp 4

-Ok save the file and go in game to start up Orsi's Mansion on the selection list.

Title: Re: Creating Glow Textures in Redemption
Post by: EtaYorius on 2009-06-04, 21:49:57
Is it possible to add Glow effect and Animation into a Single Texture +
Title: Re: Creating Glow Textures in Redemption
Post by: Javokis on 2009-09-04, 01:29:11
That's a good question and it's worth investigating. I haven't tried it myself, but maybe you can combine the slide show tutorial with this and experiment to see.
Title: Re: Creating Glow Textures for The Nod Engine
Post by: EtaYorius on 2011-06-01, 12:20:11
I already confirmed this, it DOES WORKS... so i kinda gave a glow to all my TV animations...