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Title: Something.... weird
Post by: Javokis on 2007-03-15, 23:32:38
I had pretty strange dream about a whole family of people having to be killed by some mafia guy. This family was really ugly and I mean like 'Nosferatu' ugly with the really funky teeth and strange eyes. There was a average looking woman there who was watching them be takin' to a shed outside of an old country house surrounded by open fields. The woman stood next to the shed and was tense the whole time the mafia guy would execute someone. The way the guy would kill them was odd and surreal. His methods did not make any sense. He was using some kind of odd contraption within the shed. The woman asked when was she going to be next. I looked back at the remaining family members and noticed strange expressions on their disturbingly disfigured visages.

What an odd dream.