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Title: I killed with remourse
Post by: Javokis on 2007-02-22, 14:46:27
I have a dream from last night that made me feel bad. I don't remember the specifics. The only part of this dream that stood out is when I was in a small rural neighborhood consisting of mostly two-story brick homes of english design surrounded by open fields of grain. I was holding an M16 rifle that I intended to use for killing a resident about to enter her home way down the street.

The female resident had no idea what was about to happen as I aimed my rifle at her. I shot once, hitting her in the ribs. She fell at the entrance steps then tried to crawl up to her entrance door. I raise my rifle to aim again then shot her in the head. She stopped moving. None of it felt right. I saw her blood splattered against the steps, the door, and the brick makings of her home.

I felt bad, but also felt that I had to do it. I don't remember why...