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Title: Favorite RPG Games
Post by: Javokis on 2006-06-10, 11:25:56
Hmm ok... Here's mine:


Vampire - Redemption (PC)
Diablo 1&2 (PC)
System Shock 2 (PC)
Ultima 9 - Ascension (Not to be confused with Ultima Online - PC)
Deus Ex (PC)
Septera Core (PC)
Fallout 1&2 (PC)
Final Fantasy 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (NES, SNES, PS1, PS2, PC)
Secret of Mana (SNES)
Secret of Evermore (SNES)
X-COM (Even though it's a strategy game, it kind of feels like an RPG, Best on PS1)
Vandal Hearts (PS1)
Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1)
Breath of Fire 1, 2, 3 (SNES, PS1)
Luna 1&2 (SNES)
Zelda 3 (SNES)
Zelda - Ocarina of Time (N64)

There are a ton of rpgs that I have played that were totally awesome, yet I forgot their names. Much of them were on the PS1, which I find to be the best place for RPG stuff. Good thing I have PS2. I can go find them now.


1.] Vampire - Redemption (For it's multiplayer tabletop style)
2.] Diablo 2 (w/ Expansion and 1.10 patch)
3.] Fallout 1&2
4.] Secret of Mana
5.] Ultima 9 - Ascension
Title: Re: Favorite RPG Games
Post by: Griever on 2006-06-10, 17:29:16
My fav RPG's are:

-Final Fantasy VIII
-Legend Of Mana
-Parasite Eve
-Neverwinter Nights
-Romance Of The Three Kingdoms IV
-Wild Arms

That's all I can remember right now.

Oh, and Diablo is not an RPG. It's a FRP. ;)
I like it too. Still have the Playstation version and play it sometimes on the PC.

Ya, Playstation always had the best games, and the best game developers making games for it too. Every Playstation console was the best there is. The original was a blowout, and the PS2 even more and now PS3 is just eating them away. :D
Title: Re: Favorite RPG Games
Post by: Bloodywolf on 2006-06-17, 00:26:34
Griever you oviusly havent heard that lots of 3rd party developers are moving from PS3 to the nintendo WII :)

Divine Divinity
Dreams to reality
The ring

tats all i can remember atm.
Title: Re: Favorite RPG Games
Post by: Zurechial on 2006-06-28, 05:39:49
-Fallout 1/2
-Final Fantasy series from 1 to 8 (Didn't really like 9, hated the characters in 10)
-Baldur's Gate series (1 to Throne of Bhaal)
-Elder Scrolls series
-System Shock series
-Deus Ex 1 (IW was ok as a game but terrible as a sequel to DX)
-Legend/Secret of Mana (SNES)
-Breath of Fire series
-Knights of the Old Republic  (Sequel sucked, IMO)

Hmm, I seem to be forgetting something....now what was it....

-VtMR  :P

I don't consider VtMR to be a great game, but it was fun to mod and it took over my life for 4 years, so I have to include it.
I think Bloodlines was *OK* but didn't live up to even half of its potential.

Funny how mine and Rainmoon's lists overlap in a lot of places  :P
Title: Re: Favorite RPG Games
Post by: English TomTom on 2006-11-14, 02:09:34
Alright, I'll go with top 5, but the 5 are in no paticular order or anything.

Dungeon Siege, Dungeon Siege:Legends of Aranaa, Dungeon Siege 2
Vampire the Masquerade:Redemption
Elder scrolls IV:Oblivion
Baldur's Gate2, Baldur's Gate 2:Throne of Bhaal
Title: Re: Favorite RPG Games
Post by: EtaYorius on 2006-11-14, 07:22:41
Chrono Trigger
Secret of Mana
Never Winter Nights
Title: Re: Favorite RPG Games
Post by: ORI on 2006-11-14, 13:40:25

-Morrowind( with Bloodmoon expansion)

-Bad Blood

-Diablo & Diablo II

-Vampire the masquerade redemption

-Asheron's Call (its an MMORPG I used to enjoy playing at the time, not sure what became of it nowdays)

-Betrayl at Krondor

Title: Re: Favorite RPG Games
Post by: Old Fecker on 2006-11-15, 02:53:46
I seem to have missed this thread completely. I remember posting in the old one on the other forum though.

Here's my list(s)

Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption  (PC)
Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines  (PC)
Baldurs Gate / Tales of the Sword Coast expansion  (PC)
Baldurs Gate II: Shadows of Amn / Throne of Bhaal expansion  (PC)
Neverwinter Nights / Shadows of Undrendtide & Hordes of the Underdark expansions  (PC)
Deus Ex  (PC)
Deus Ex: Invisible War  (Xbox & PC)
System Shock 2  (PC)
Planescape: Torment  (PC)
Dungeon Siege  (PC)
Dungeon Siege II  (PC)
Fable / Fable Lost Chapters  (Xbox)
Final Fantasy VII  (Playstation)
Final Fantasy VIII  (Playstation)
Chrono Trigger  (Japanese SNES originally / PC a few months ago through an emulator + translated ROM)
Fallout  (PC)
Fallout 2  (PC)
Icewind Dale  (PC)
Icewind Dale II  (PC)
Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance  (Xbox)
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion  (Xbox 360 & PC)
The Legend of Zelda  (SNES)
The Secret of Mana  (SNES)
The Story of Thor 2  (Saturn - called Legend of Oasis in US)
Landstalker: The Treasure of King Noble  (Megadrive)
Dark Age of Camelot  (PC - MMORPG)
EVE Online  (PC - MMORPG)
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic  (Xbox)
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, The Sith Lords  (Xbox)
Jade Empire  (Xbox)

Top 10
1- Deus Ex
2- Baldurs Gate II / Throne of Bhaal expansion
3- Fallout 2
4- The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Xbox 360 version)
5- Final Fantasy VII
6- Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
7- Jade Empire
8- Final Fantasy VIII
9- Fable Lost Chapters
10- System Shock 2


The next RPG i cant wait to play is Mass Effect (website here (http://masseffect.bioware.com)) on the 360, but it doesnt come out until Q1 2007. Its looking fantastic and its made by my favourite RPG developer - Bioware.

Title: Re: Favorite RPG Games
Post by: ORI on 2006-11-15, 09:10:12
yeah Id throw there Deus Ex as well, that game was classic, I didnt play Invisiable war though.
Title: Re: Favorite RPG Games
Post by: Javokis on 2006-11-15, 09:46:58
What's Fable about anyway?
Title: Re: Favorite RPG Games
Post by: Old Fecker on 2006-11-16, 02:05:44
Fable's made by Lionhead Studios (the ppl that made Black & White and used to be Bullfrog years ago - Bullfrog made Syndicate & Dungeon Keeper). Its kind of an rpg-light game. You start off as a little boy in your home village, then some bandits come and kill everyone and you get saved to go to this Guild of Heroes school. You grow up and become a hero of your own (you play the growing up bit...like a tutorial) then off you go into the world of Albion. You can decide to be good or evil in what you do (which is reflected in your appearance), you can decide what haircuts you have, facial hair, tattoos etc. One good thing is that if youre shit at fighting your bloke will have scars all over him...face, body, arms, legs. You can get married, flirt, tell people to fuck off and stuff. Its a really light-hearted game, got brilliant voice-acting (all British accents, unusually).

Played in the third person with you directly controlling your character, timing swings etc. You have three main skills: Strength, Skill, Magic and you get XP from everything you kill in the form of green blobs that you suck into your character. You can spend these on what you want. Thing is that if you use a sword/axe (melee) weapon and spend your points in strength then your character becomes a beefcake. Use archery weapons and youre in between, use solely magic and you get real skinny.

Takes about 20hours to complete Fable and about 30+ to complete Lost Chapters coz they shoved all the stuff in that hey didnt have time to do first time around.

Its a really enjoyable game. I like my traditional RPGs like Baldurs Gate etc but this game is great as well. Should be able to pick it up for next to nothing now. Its on PC as well.

Title: Re: Favorite RPG Games
Post by: English TomTom on 2006-11-16, 13:41:13
haha aw man, I remeber Bullfrog, I loved playing dungeon Keeper 2, heh, but they were also a part of EA though. They were goning to make Dungeon Keeper 3, but EA decided not to, and focus on game for the consoles, but yeah. This doesn't relate to the topic at all, but, not to long ago I remeber reading on Nhilistic's webstie, that Blizzard shut down Starcraft ghost, lol. After all these years, heh. Pour Nhilistic, their last big break was redemption lol, and one of their first games, but anwyays
Title: Re: Favorite RPG Games
Post by: Javokis on 2006-11-16, 22:36:48
Ah. Bulfrog. I remember when they made Theme Park.

Good game.
Title: Re: Favorite RPG Games
Post by: ORI on 2006-11-17, 03:45:03
Bullfrog made Syndicate
Title: Re: Favorite RPG Games
Post by: Javokis on 2008-03-15, 14:45:03

I'll have to throw in Bioshock as one of my favorites. The jury is still out on STALKER.
Title: Re: Favorite RPG Games
Post by: Bloodywolf on 2008-03-16, 16:42:02
NWN1 (2 aswell, but I didn't complete the SP since the game was that damn buggy)
NoX (totaly forgot about this one in my previus post)
The Witcher
Diablo 2
Divine Divinity 1-2 (some people hated it, I loved it)
Guildwars (It was an RPG sort of)

Nr.1 would be Nox and nr.2 Would be Arcanum.

Nox - Good old Westwood quality games.
Arcanum - Can you really beleave its from the same makers of Bloodlines? The quality differance is so huge, its a shame that the company got broke. Thise guys had made some find amout of RPG's.
Title: Re: Favorite RPG Games
Post by: RuThaN on 2008-03-22, 17:50:46
Its very hard, make top table..

1.Vampire:Masquerade: Redemption 
2. Gothic II with epansion
3. Oblivion 
4.TES III:Morrowind
5.Diablo II&LoD
8.Dungeon Master 
9.Dungeon Master II
11. Vampire: Bloodlines
12. Chaos Strikes Back
13. Gothic III
14. Witcher