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A Black Dog Chronicle in The World of Darkness


This is an autobiography in story format covering almost 2,000 years of history. This isn't little. It is simply too much for me to write all at once so I have come up with something that I have never seen before: I'm going to Storytell my biography. Every post I make in this thread will be another chapter in my past and I will continue on until the present day. I am requesting that everyone refrain from posting in this thread. If you want to comment on the story, head to the Slayden: A Discussion (https://e-mods.net/forum/index.php?topic=267.msg1912#msg1912) thread instead of posting here.

I'm going to be covering a lot of terms used in WoD and in history that I know most readers will not be familiar with. Therefore, I have prepared a Lexicon of various WoD terms that I will be using in this story, plus several more so that the definitions make sense. This list is not exhaustive. As I continue the story, I will update the Lexicon with the appropriate WoD or historical term, or I might update the Lexicon just for the hell of it, regardless of new terms. If I mention an unfamiliar term and don't update the Lexicon, notify me via PM and I'll update it. Capitalized words in definitions usually mean I have defined that term in a definition of its own as well. In the story itself, refer to the Lexicon if you come to an unfamiliar term. The Lexicon will forever be the second post on page 1.

All previous statements regarding Scipoten are either noncannon, or has been greatly amended. Even the name "Scipoten" is noncannon. Everything that happens here, however, is cannon.

And one more note. For those that know what "Black Dog" means, you know what is coming, for those that don't, well... here is the understatement: this is an adult thread that will contain gruesome violence, coarse language, sexual situations, and whatever else I can pull out of my depraved mind.
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new terms will be marked with a *
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· indicates a new temporary gain/loss (the last blue dot will indicate what I can use)
· indicates a new permanent gain/loss (again, the last dot will indicate what I can use)

Exceptions: Bloodpool and Willpower automatically indicate what is temporary and what is permanent. Circles are the permanent "rating" and squares are the temporary "pool." This does not change no matter what colors I use. This does not apply to the Blood Purity scale of the Gypsies; each square is permanent.