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Title: Night Out
Post by: Javokis on 2006-06-10, 10:47:45
Typically I usually dream about walking around town at night, but everything is different yet makes sense.

I would walk around malls, restaurants, caffe's, and video stores just window shopping. The lights from town make up quite a site. Sometimes I work at the places I visit. I'm usually at peace in those dreams, but sometimes it's not so peaceful. Sometimes I'm late for work in the dream or I feel out of place.

Much like Dark Lobo I dream of cities as well. They seem real, but they are different. It's like a bunch of cities were mulded together to make something completely new. When I dream about the city at night I'm walking around the central shop area sometimes at night and sometimes at day. It's very intricate. The sidewalks are well maintained, and some of the businesses are connected to each other by bridge walkways over the busy streets below. Busy by day, a ghost town by night.

I usually find myself in a very large library of modern design. I don't usually read the books, but it's as if I have a purpose there, but I could never really remember. Sometimes the library is connected to part of a school or college building. It sometimes turns into a dream about school, but when I dream about going to a school within a large city I'm able to find a classroom to attend to, while when I'm at a school on the country side I'm usually roaming around the hallways not knowing where I'm supposed to be. Some times I'm out on the playground, but I don't recall doing anything. Other times I'm walking home from school where I live out in the country somewhere.

Nice terrain with lots of wheat fields that the sun brightens to a golden yellow. Skies are blue with nicely layered thin summer clouds. I usally walk home even when it\'s a great distance, but I tend to not really know where home is. I always arrive at the neighborhood where I see my friends who I don't recall knowing in real life, but we know each other.

Just like the halls of the school I roam the streets trying to find where I live, but I never find it. In my dreams I usually don't have a home. I just roam around places that I don't recall existing yet seem familiar. Nice places to be. I'm not worried about finding a home. I just like being in those neighborhoods.

Sometimes I do have a home, but usually it's in an apartment complex. Most of the time it's a very nice apartment community. I have all kinds of dreams about living in nice apartments. I can go on for ever about those, but I'll just say that the best ones have always been about christmas with all the pretty lights dangling from the windows. There's never any snow though.

I never dreamed about snow. Not sure why. Now that i think about it, I rarely dream about rain.... actually it never rains either.

If there was ever a nightmare with these dreams it would be about having to go up the steep hill sides of the cities. In Olympia there's 2 hills on each side of the central town area adorned by residential homes. The hills are very steep and hard to go up on in real life. In my dream it's like climbing a mountain. Very scary. A lot of times I don't even bother. I end up going back down and staying in the town area because I'm afraid of heights.

So that's usually how it is with my dreams.
Title: Re: Night Out
Post by: Griever on 2006-06-10, 18:02:05
You do know that's kinda weird, right?
Title: Re: Night Out
Post by: Javokis on 2006-06-10, 23:23:08
Well you asked for something positive, right?

Aren't most dreams strange? Even the positive ones?
Title: Re: Night Out
Post by: Griever on 2006-06-12, 06:21:22
Heh, yeah. Dreams can't get any werider than mine. :S
Title: Re: Night Out
Post by: Javokis on 2006-06-20, 22:35:32
Why not post yours?