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Title: Femur of an elder tzimisce
Post by: Question on 2018-01-30, 01:49:11
Just how much is the "extra damage"? It doesnt seem a lot...infact, it seems a lot worse than using a normal weapon.
Title: Re: Femur of an elder tzimisce
Post by: Question on 2018-02-06, 02:10:05
I looked in the files and the default femur has a random chance to do 30-80 aggravated damage. I think its a 33% chance. The AoR version is a perception check to do 80-160 aggravated damage, maxes out at 10% for 100 perception I think.

Not very impressive...
Title: Re: Femur of an elder tzimisce
Post by: Javokis on 2018-02-14, 01:00:17
Not sure why you think it's maxed at 10% for aor. That is incorrect.  The chance is based specifically on perception stat and maxes at 100% for a perception of 100. The femur has higher damage potential and can have 100% proc in aor through perception. [edit] Looking at the vanilla, it's minimum damage in the script is actually its max so its range is actually more around 80 explicit because it looks like nihilistic did a mistake in the min/max calculations. While aor uses a range of 80-240. Also vanilla does use 33% base + damage so it can get a 100% proc based on user's strength [which increases damage potential and thus improves % chance]. I would also imagine that Potence enhances the femur's proc in vanilla too due to damage adjustments. AoR switched a number of scripted weapons proc chance to perception mainly because too many things rely on physical stats in the game as it is.

[edit again]

This actually gives me an idea. Perhaps the femur could be another item similar to the ankhurn blade, but instead of per hit, the femur builds up blood from kills. Then dispenses the blood as vampire vitae in the user's inventory. Could be a useful early item too till the ankhurn blade is found especially when blood could be difficult to obtain in early game and even more difficult if the player committed diablerie.