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Title: Age of Redemption 2017 v1.0 Has Launched
Post by: Javokis on 2017-09-11, 10:26:15
Age of Redemption 2017 has launched. Here's a list of things that were done from the ChangeLog.txt:

Version 1.0 2017


-Feed rats are now included into the blood quality rules.
-Polished up the AI to be more consistent about logical behavior. Still somewhat quirky, but getting better.
-Fixed an issue that can cause players to be unable to talk to Fred Varney to purchase Orsi's Penthouse in NYC.
-Fixed a bug with the setite who catches Lucretia's heart during the setite mission in London.
-Fixed bad scene data at the Club Tenebrae location.
-Fixed major lag issues in the Teutonic Knight Base lvl 4.
-The First Gun item in Society of Leopold should now process a cutscene.
-Fixed an issue where Serena wont commit an action in cutscene during the Society of Leopold chapter.
-Fixed issue with certain npcs not showing blood attributes when they have them.
-AoR shops cannot be exploited by manipulation (buying low and selling high). AoR shopkeeps are now greedier.
-Vampire AI shouldn't consider feeding on vampires unless they are frenzied or a diablerist
-Several fixes done to the combat system script to assure proper damage distribution.
-Fixed an issue where Feral Whispers can be used on Erik during the Haus De Hexe conclusion.
-Fixed a crash issue with the Haus De Hexe lab and library caused by bad scene data.
-Fixed a bug with the copies of the Nod Fragments that caused a loop conversation to permanently shut off the AI.
-Fixed an issue with the respawn system randomly failing due to AI protocols.
-Fixed an issue with firearms that caused sound and muzzle flash effects to not show or be heard properly.
-Fixed a bug that causes ammo to be lost if a player uses the ammo while a viable weapon is in inventory, but not equipped.
-Combat stats will be hidden during cutscenes.
-Bosses can no longer be bloodbound.
-Eyes of the Beast illumination now fixed for AoR 5 minute duration.
-Fixed potential issue where the show combat messages might still show even when turned off in the config app.
-Weapons now give more accurate info as to their damage potential


-Most vampires now have blood quality effects applied to them. Could be of use to diablerists...
-Diablerist are now permanently addicted to kindred vitae. Might want to read up on FOLLOWERS, HAVENS AND BLOOD DOLLS in the readme.
-Aura Perception given new description to reflect its hidden armor piercing function.
-Helmets now show on the head when worn.
-Daggers can now apply critical bonuses if target is unaware[distracted], under negative mental effects, or attacker is using obfuscate powers.
-New console command added - stcmd sethumanity # [where # is the desired stat; typical range 0 - 100]. Built to work in the single player mode.
-All scrolls now cast at level 5. Originally set to 2.
*Several quick use weapons like daggers, grenades, and rare artifacts [e.g. Waxen Poetica] have been altered for enhanced damage and effect.
*Modifications done to several unique holy artifacts that were hidden content in the single player campaign.

*[Note: additional items may be regularly available at shops if [Vanilla] Shop Inventory is turned OFF]

Config App Additions

-Helmets Show on Player [SP/MP] option added to config app for those who want an option to shut off the helmets [in case clipping is a bother].
-Door Collision Fix can finally be toggled in the config app. Check readme for details.
-Additional Loot Drops feature can be toggled in the config app. Check readme for details.
-Under the Enemy tab a new feature called AI Pets Summon Pets has been added and is off by default on all difficulty presets. Check readme for details.
-[Vanilla] Shop Inventory feature has been enabled in the config app to allow purist restoration of vanilla shops. Check readme for details.
-The [Vanilla] Discipline Functions option in the AoR config app now restores many more disciplines back to their vanilla functions & visuals.
[Some discipline descriptions have been updated - also fixed typoes]
-Christof no longer starts with 1000 gold with [Vanilla] Quests Format enabled. Also achieved using Vanilla difficulty preset in config app.
-NPC item drop chance can now be set in the config app [under enemy tab]. Check readme for details.
-NPC XP Bonuses can be adjusted in the config app under enemy tab.
-You now have the option to keep your coterie from using alternate ammo types with the ability to toggle AI Switches Ammo option in the config app.
-You have the option to turn off the helmets appearing on player's heads for multiplayer in the config app.
[This was originally a stability feature, but most likely will be removed in later releases of aor]


AoR 2017 v1.0 is not compatible with AoR 2015 v1.3 or below saves. You'll need to start a fresh game.


You can download the mod here:

Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2017 v1.0 Has Launched
Post by: Gandorques Hikla on 2017-09-18, 09:25:41
Im following this mod for nearly 10 years now, and I finally registered here to say thank you for all the time and hard work you put into this mod, which I keep coming back to again and again. :-)

I hope I can introduce new players into the game soon.

Now my questions/requests regarding cutscenes, coming from someone who just has rudimentary technical knowledge about:
The way it currently works, only the Christof player is able to start and see most cutscenes, if a Christof Player is in the session.
If no Christof is present, everyone can start a cutscene by talking to the Christof NPC, but this does not work for all cutscenes and some dialogues will be missed this way.

All players not in cutscene mode, but standing nearby are able to read all the dialogue text, which is an okay solution so far,
as I suppose that "just" starting the cutscene for every player at the same time would be a buggy mess, especially when someone starts to skip dialogue.

But would it be possible have at least the dialogue voiceovers played for all players currently present in the map?
I noticed that a few cutscenes do that (usually those who consist of a camera pan around the scene and a single line from christof), so I´d like to know if its possible to set every voiceover to play for everyone.
I looked into the files to see if I could mod this in myself, but my knowledge here is limited (my biggest archivement here was modding german subtitles into AoR).

A feature like this would really help the immersion of the game, especially for new players who dont know the story.

Sorry if this has been discussed before, I did not find anything about it.

Anyway, keep up your amazing work, I really appreciate it.

best regards
Gandorques Hikla
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2017 v1.0 Has Launched
Post by: Javokis on 2017-09-18, 13:20:05
Having voice extend to clients would somewhat be possible to a limited extent. The problem is that the voices heard by observers would have to overlap the existing system, creating potential audio bugs for the person currently in the conversation [might be minor depending on who's listening]. Not to mention that vocals cannot be interrupted when synched with players on MP so overlapping will occur if the person in conversation ever skips anything. Having the voice acting be heard and experienced by players would be great, but would come with some rules and limitations. I could still make the attempt as long as an option is added in the config app to turn it off.

Thanks for the support.
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2017 v1.0 Has Launched
Post by: Gandorques Hikla on 2017-09-18, 14:41:47
I´d be happy to have this as a option. :-D
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2017 v1.0 Has Launched
Post by: Nexxy on 2017-10-29, 04:03:53
Hi Nexxy here,
following that mod for ages now :D

Im using the Steam Version 1.1, with Widescreen-fix + dgVoodoo. (just for information)

I encountered some minor and major problems with AoR 2017 v1.0.

* If you set the Values in the AoR Config Tool to Hard and Click on Save and Restart the Config tool, it isnt able to lead Values < 1 (floats / doubles)
* if you set the Difficulty on Hard, you cant start a new game with new chars cauz they arnt able to kill the first enemies in the Convent.
* if you set Values below 1 (like 0.5) it isnt properly redirected to the game. Some things like Damage Resistance or Frenzy Rating stop working if you set it to e.g 0.7

If i have set the Configs in the Config Tool should i "Save and Quit" and start the "Vampire_aor.exe" in the root folder or click on Save and start AoR in that tool.
If you dont have the time just give me a link to your repository, i fork it and fix it on my own and reshare it for you.

(my current fix is to use cheat engine scripts to fix the startup of AoR)



Here is a exampe youtube video by me, showing that Value bug : https://youtu.be/tP6Xo8UJudQ
It happens if you set Enemy Damage Resistance to an value unlike 1,00 ( e.g 0.5 0.9 1.5 2.5 ...)
Some goes with :
* BloodCost , Low Healt, Frenzy Rating and Disipline Resistance

Edit 2 :

Searched the Internet and found your Video doing a live run in AoR 2017 v1.0 you told the first person encountered the exact same issue like me to disable the Virusscanner and or bypass the Config Launcher via Command line.
This doesnt fix anything :(
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2017 v1.0 Has Launched
Post by: Nexxy on 2017-10-29, 09:58:20
Hahaha, i did it.

I did some research and it took me about 5 hours now. I finaly got the problem .. I did some memory research and disassebled the AoR code. Im sorry for that but you were too slow to answer me or share the code. So i just get it from the vampire aor.exe and the config.exer files.

The problem is the numeric representation of english and german / french etc numbers.
Here's an example:
(ger)7,5 = 7.5(eng)
that dot and comma is the problem !

My temp fix is:

To create that windows shortcut just follow this :

Now just start that new shortcut and never again open that config program !

Greetings and HF.

Holy fk .. what a day

Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2017 v1.0 Has Launched
Post by: Javokis on 2017-10-30, 07:32:28
Ok. Learn something new all the time. So I googled a bit and found that c# does allow me to convert my decimals to a specific language so I'll be making the changes for the Age of Redemption 1.1 that should be launching very soon. Hopefully the convert system will work and I wont be getting people telling me the app is failing. Seems it wasn't an issue with anti-virus this time around. It was an issue with different languages interpreting numbers {converting 0.2 to 0,2 - which causes the mod to think that "," is a separator for values}. Hence why everyone get's 0 in game.