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Title: Other Worldly Nightmare - Don't Drink the Water
Post by: Javokis on 2015-07-05, 11:12:40
I had a dream the other night where I was on another world where the oceans looking like liquid silver have consumed most of the world. There was only a single island where a city resides all old and decrepit. I can't remember what my purpose was there only that I was stuck and thirsty, yet I felt the urge to swim in the surreal ocean that surrounded the city. I was told that none should drink the water and I knew not why till I had exposed myself to it on a shoreline outside the city walls.

The water put me in a deep sleep filled with nightmares and when I awoke, I was wandering the city's back alleys aimlessly. I was dazed while having delusions of strange creatures following me throughout the alleyways. I can't remember much more than that, but the dream was filled with a flurry of images that had not made any sense beyond that point.