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Title: Bug in Multiplayer- Stuck at the convent
Post by: Kiasyd on 2015-04-20, 14:36:55
I recently re-installed Vampire: The Masquerade- Redemption. I installed AoR because that's what I was using the last time I played. Initially I installed the 2012 version, I think, because that was what I had. I made a multiplayer game and went along like I normally did. But every time I loaded up my saved game it'd load me in at the convent during the day (Wasn't I supposed to be at the beginning of the map I was in while I saved?). Trying to skip the scene to get me to where I was supposed to be made me unable to enter the Haven. It acted like I had just been embraced. and the game would get stuck to my character lying down, writhing, without advancing the cutscene; forcing me to shut the game off.

I looked up the mod and found the 2015 version, uninstalled, and reinstalled using the update. And I have the same exact issue. It's making the game unplayable and I'm not sure how to fix it because a Google search doesn't reveal anyone else with the same problem.

I'm using the GoG version, which installs the 1.1 patch automatically. Was there something else I needed to get this working that I forgot?
Title: Re: Bug in Multiplayer- Stuck at the convent
Post by: Javokis on 2015-04-20, 16:56:18
You have to use the Revive With ST option, which is off by default, or else you only get specific "spawn points" in Mp AoR based on story progress.

Multiplayer was never designed for "save scumming" as the save feature was primarily used to save sandbox modifications to a map. The MP save never saves player states as that is contained on a separate character file. In MP, you have the ST system and a control panel for scene selection. That's what you're meant to use in AoR. Sometimes saving "may" work in multiplayer AoR campaign, but it's a hit or miss depending on where you are in the story. You certainly should not be saving in the middle of crucial scene segment.
Title: Re: Bug in Multiplayer- Stuck at the convent
Post by: Kiasyd on 2015-04-20, 18:30:20
That looks like it may have worked. I went through and saved, making sure my Revive with ST option was on. I turned the game off, then back on and loaded- and I was at the beginning of the zone I had saved in. I wonder why I had turned it off this time, and not when I had played this mod originally.

Thanks for the reply.