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Title: AoR 2015 crazy mobs AI
Post by: Ansa on 2015-03-10, 02:34:57
Hello, first of all, thank you for the awesome mod
Which I am actually having problems with
Set difficulty 10, go into the mines
None of the Szlachta are using any powers. At all. Neither healing nor potence. Which were present even in vanilla.
War Ghoul was a bitch to kill with over 20 reloads, but I have done it. Heals like crazy, ok.
Now, I simply cannot do anything to Azhra.
He spawns 1 minion and then spams Turn to Dust as soon as I get into melee range, which 1-shots me from full hp into dead.
I tried literally everything, this fight is impossible on 10, I get 1 shot and he just stands there and spams Turn to Dust like it costs 1 blood. If he manages 1 cast off I am dead.
Reducing difficulty to 6 did not help at all, he still does same crap - spam Turn to Dust.

So, what is wrong with the AI really?
I mean, it was supposed to be improved, but actually it became much worse than vanilla, really.

Any help/suggestions welcome, thank you.

Title: Re: AoR 2015 crazy mobs AI
Post by: Javokis on 2015-03-10, 13:08:00
Worse than vanilla, huh? Vanilla AI didn't know what disciplines it was using for the situations they were in. It was all random use. AoR introduced tactics to the AI's consideration of disciplines. Just because they have them doesn't mean they will use them without sense. Potence is typically only considered when an AI is being "swarmed" by enemies or with multiple engagements. Szlachta don't have many hitpoints to begin with so the lack of using bloodhealing is likely a red herring because they do use it if they are given an opportunity.

You'll need to actually reload a game before the point of entering a level so the difficulty will update properly. Reloading a Ahzra after she's already been saved at difficulty 10, wont update her to difficulty 6. Difficulty updates will only occur during first level load or during the respawn of enemies - after that, it's saved.

Turn to ash is deadly... approaching Ahzra is deadly at higher than 5 difficulty. Best to make use of other tactics than approaching her. Like using a bow loaded with Incendiary arrows.
Title: Re: AoR 2015 crazy mobs AI
Post by: Ansa on 2015-03-10, 22:02:51
Well, considering that all mobs stopped using any disciplines, yeah, it is worse now.
I guess I will just restart the game at difficulty 5
Title: Re: AoR 2015 crazy mobs AI
Post by: Javokis on 2015-03-11, 00:50:52
Looking over the code, I did notice that the higher difficulty setting is to blame for the lack of bloodhealing use. The higher the difficulty, the lower the health level needs to be to consider bloodhealing use. I wasn't sure at the time whether reckless abandon made the AI more dangerous or not.
Title: Re: AoR 2015 crazy mobs AI
Post by: CoffeeNCamels on 2015-03-12, 01:26:33
did you talk to anezka before the mines? she gave me a buff that pretty much made me immortal for the whole thing.