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Title: Age Of Redemption 2014 Planner
Post by: Javokis on 2013-11-08, 15:30:19
Here's a list of things I need to prioritize for Age of Redemption 2014:



-The players could use better indication of changes in a quest so they don't think they were hit by a bug.
-Still need to polish off the AI hunting script some more
-Lawman AI needs polishing too - Throw in a fix for the pedestrians as well so to allow a "Blood Doll" effect.
-Wilhem and Christof's generations seem conflicted against lore... could fix both their starting generation and bloodpool.
-The haven revive ankh needs to print a console message when dilution occurs when dilution is enabled.
-Add "safe zones" where the enemy respawn timer will not work like the player's haven, town hubs, and bars.
-Disciplines like entrancement & shambling hordes stop working when you use Walk the Abyss.
-Alter camera angles to be more 16:9 friendly (Planned for AoR 2015)


-Fix a typo in the Return to St. Thomas quest description
-Christof get's stuck in the university conversation when he tries to leave
-Cutscenes in the monastery need altering to keep from distracting from combat (Planned for AoR 2015)
-Serena appears in the haven right after the Golem scene
-Christof still not always appearing in bed during the dream sequence
-It is possible to attack Vaclav without triggering him


-The dead zombu near the Teutonic Base prison cell tends to duplicate on restoration of saved games.
-The "trap" doors need to be fixed - as in not block AI navigation when open. (Planned for AoR 2015)
-Trigger scene with "Prisoners have escaped! Capture Them!" should either be removed or changed to a passive conversation. (Planned for AoR 2015)
-Orvus's script has a bug that prevents the players from giving Etrius' Journal.
-Orsi's capture trigger scene in Stephansdom Tower replays on return to the level.
-Something is causing discipline effects to end when attempting to return to the Church Haven after completing the Escape Teutonic Base mission. Issue is inconsistent and I have yet to identify the cause.


-If you set your players to attack mode in the St. Magdelena Cargo Ship during the Nosferatu cutscene, your parties will attack the Nosferatu's summoned rats, diverting the attack and being stuck in the scene.
-Assault Rifles and Chainguns seem too unbalanced in Tower of London. These weapons should likely be made unavailable even to enemies during the London hub sequence. (Planned for AoR 2015)

New York

-I need to look into the cast ID system and polish it up so that player positioning is correct.
-Orsi needs a bit more polishing in the area of positioning and assuring the final cutscene doesn't fowl up.



-Add a chance of discipline failure adjuster to the config app (Planned for AoR 2015)
-Add configuration options for the revive ankh in the havens (Planned for AoR 2015)
-Torches cause vampires to frenzy - wits check? Could throw in Flame swords and other "fire elemental" weapons too. (Planned for AoR 2015)
-Allowing on screen float texts for health, blood, frenzy indicators for those using f11 to hide the GUI.


-Finish up the new animation system for MP.
-Pet disciplines should give stat bonuses to pets based on dot level.
-Alter weapon types like axes, swords, so they are more balanced (Planned for AoR 2015)
-Make civilians in towns walk around like they have a purpose (Planned for AoR 2015)
-Have random treasure classes calculate based on finder's perception stat. (Planned for AoR 2015)
-Redo the locations of treasure chests. (Planned for AoR 2015)
-Half corpses could jump the players upon approach like hoppers... (Planned for AoR 2015)
-Haven upgrades could be bought at shops (Giga pack required?) (Planned for AoR 2015)
-Vampires need to be more resistant to ice damage - just a little bit more
-Blood pools for pedestrians could vary based on "quality" (Planned for AoR 2015)
-More unguarded civilians (Planned for AoR 2015)
-Modify daggers to cause critical damage modifier when attacking a target that's not paying attention to you. (Planned for AoR 2015)
-Modify wolves to be more effective in combat... perhaps an effect can be made where they can "latch" a target's arm. (Planned for AoR 2015)
-Redo all of the vitae to have a whole bunch of additional qualities and have vampire vitae be addictive. (Planned for AoR 2015)


-Improve aspects of the Protect Prague by Night quest (Planned for AoR 2015)
-Have the broad silver cross that the archbishop give be an item that can be sold and effect the university basement scene. (Planned for AoR 2015)
-Alter the traps in the monastery to be more effective (Planned for AoR 2015)


-Allow an option to resist arrest by the Teutonics during the Stephansdom mission. (Planned for AoR 2015)
-Alter the locations of pedestrians and guards. (Planned for AoR 2015)
-There's a couple of campfire areas that would make good unguarded hunting grounds. (Planned for AoR 2015)
-Could allow players to travel back and forth from Prague to Vienna via the Bohemian Forest (Level needs to be built) (Planned for AoR 2015)
-Add sewers to the Vienna map as a Nosferatu haven. (Planned for AoR 2015)
-Add a palace location for The Duke. (Planned for AoR 2015)

Return to Prague

-Anezka boss fight? Could be interesting... She does use a line that indicates that you might have to fight her. (Planned for AoR 2015)


-The distance between Christof's trigger and Father Leopold should be further away... allowing more breathing room for Father Leopold to charge up some abilities. (Planned for AoR 2015)
-Allow the St. Magdelena Ship be used as a connection between London & New York once unlocked. (Planned for AoR 2015)

New York

-Make a boss fight for the Giovanni final level. (Planned for AoR 2015)

The rest of this planner has been transferred to the Age of Redemption 2015 Planner.
Title: Re: AoR 2014 To- Do list
Post by: Luke1987 on 2013-11-27, 15:53:52
So many new options! I Can't wait to play with AoR 2014  :)

Thank you for the mod and for your support!
Title: Re: AoR 2014 To- Do list
Post by: Mort on 2013-12-30, 02:25:53
Sorry i'm late.

Yesh! Pink fight! Finally!

Hit me up when you get into beta testing phases!
Title: Re: Age Of Redemption 2014 Planner
Post by: Javokis on 2014-01-13, 12:48:28
List of things to do for the 2014 planner has been expanded.
Title: Re: Age Of Redemption 2014 Planner
Post by: Mort on 2014-01-20, 20:57:51
Are we looking at any type of timeline in this planner yet?  I know you're in the middle of your "Lets Play" video series now, but what are your expectations in doing the mod build? Early/Mid/Late 2014?
Title: Re: Age Of Redemption 2014 Planner
Post by: Javokis on 2014-01-20, 21:36:41
All I know is that I want an AoR 2014 preferably within 2014. If that means cutting some features then so be it.
Title: Re: Age Of Redemption 2014 Planner
Post by: Phantom of the Vamp on 2014-01-22, 20:03:06
Yahoo!   :)   :)   :)
Title: Re: Age Of Redemption 2014 Planner
Post by: Shapeshifter878 on 2014-07-10, 01:42:27
I've been thinking about doing a forest map, so I might as well try to make a stab at the Bohemian Forest. Will post some ideas in another thread.
Title: Re: Age Of Redemption 2014 Planner
Post by: Javokis on 2014-07-28, 23:49:56
I just realized that a lot of this planner is now irrelevant (mainly in the bug fixes area) due to AoR v2.7. I'll just need to make sure the fixes are transferred to 2014.
Title: Re: Age Of Redemption 2014 Planner
Post by: Javokis on 2014-08-13, 13:17:21
I updated this planner to reflect that most of its fixes have been launched and created a new planner here:


On the Age of Redemption 2015 mod.