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Title: Walk cycle bug
Post by: Sketchboy on 2013-09-01, 10:03:04
I have a bug I hope someone can help me with.

When I put the Walkcycle script on a couple enemies, placed the corners and it works fine.
Except that on the starting point of the model, their is a copy of it, without the walkcycle. The double even shows up, like normal, in the MP game, storytellers charterer list.

I have four or five paroling models and at first it was not a problem, I had a couple of Szlachtas walking around, I just let them start somewhere out of sight and the double would be a normal, none moving, enemy.
But now I want a werewolf to patrol in a forest level, the idea is for the PCs to sneak around him, but now the double is a real problem.

I noticed that the werewolf I places in the map was the "black" werewolf and the paroling one is the normal gray model, my guess is that it has something to do with the models parent model, but I don't know, do I need to give it a certain AI or something?
Title: Re: Walk cycle bug
Post by: Javokis on 2013-09-01, 10:58:50
A duplicate? Are you using AOR to test these maps?
Title: Re: Walk cycle bug
Post by: Sketchboy on 2013-09-02, 04:07:18
Yes I do

Maybe if I walk through the steps, someone can see if I'm doing something wrong at some point

In the Things and Templates I double click on the werewolf, to put it in the map.
And place him on the walkable surface.
In the Override tab I press "Pick Script..." and select the WalkCycle.class script from the codex folder.
Apply Script and Shift+k to make a Path_corner, I make sure the corner is in line with the werewolf and continue to making more corners with Shift+k, to make his route.
Then export (I have tried both Full and Object only)

Then I nob it and run it with the AoR

And ta-dah, double  wolf action

I have tried putting the whole thing in a layer and in the static layer, same result
Title: Re: Walk cycle bug
Post by: Javokis on 2013-09-02, 05:00:14
You'll need to use AOR's walk cycle script. It doesn't work the same as the original. AOR uses "ghost" templates with a modified WalkCycle script due to the respawn timer and AI system. AOR wasn't actually meant to run anything but the AOR chronicle. If you are designing your map for AOR, you need to consider that as a separate project. Never use AOR to test a custom map unless you are making content specifically for it.
Title: Re: Walk cycle bug
Post by: Sketchboy on 2013-09-02, 05:38:51
Ahh, I see, thanks.
I tested it on a freshly installed vanilla version of the game and it works fine, no doubles.

But your, very nice I might add, quest script work just fine in the vanilla version