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Title: Naming Maps
Post by: Sketchboy on 2013-08-28, 05:38:37
I was very inspired by the Age of Redemption and this community and reinstalled my old Vampire Redemption game and Embrace again.
I haven't touched it in ten years I think, but back when the game came out, I had a lot of fun building maps.

But I never figured out how to name my maps, so they would show up with a proper name, on the list, inside the game.
I can figure out its a string some were, but thats about it...
Can anyone help?

And an other thing, I'm quite proud of the stuff i build back then, but I never got to use it for anything and I never shared it with the community.
I had a teacher who told me to "stop downloading and start uploading", so is their a proper place to upload it, instead of just a link to a dropbox?
Title: Re: Naming Maps
Post by: Javokis on 2013-08-28, 06:33:16
You can upload your work to planet-vampire.net. I have video tutorials on mapping that include the steps to make the map appear in the MP list. I think included info about how a string can be used to alter its name. If you already remember all the basics and just want to know how to change the way the name is presented then all you need is an nls string file. Something like _mymap.nls. In the file name just input the chronicle name and the value you want presented as so:

my_chronicle     My Chronicle

When you name your nsc file, do not use spaces or you wont be able to use the string file on it.
Title: Re: Naming Maps
Post by: Sketchboy on 2013-08-28, 11:23:32
Thanks for the quick reply.

That's what I wanted, and I already tried that, but the name only shows after I have created a game in the map and logged out again.
To me it seems like the game doesn't load the string until the map is loaded, and I would like the name to appear the first time i enter the MP list.

I looked through your tutorials, the making maps ones, but I couldn't find anything about naming the map in the MP list, maybe you could point me in the right direction.
Title: Re: Naming Maps
Post by: Javokis on 2013-08-28, 20:12:02
That's odd. Your string file should load when the game loads as long as the file name starts with a _... this is important for the load order. So _mymap.nls will load differently than mymap.nls. If you made mymap.nls simply a part of the chronicle then it wont load till the chronicle is loaded, but if you made _mymap.nls, that will load at game start.
Title: Re: Naming Maps
Post by: Sketchboy on 2013-08-29, 01:02:56
Sorry, brain fart on my part, I completely forgot the "_", but now it works perfectly.