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Title: Workable lights?
Post by: Mort on 2012-11-27, 06:31:10
I was wondering about the existance or possibility of assigning a template brush to toggle light/lightboxes on and off or anything of the sort.  I haven't seen any such feature in embrace, though I could see the possibility via script or something?
Title: Re: Workable lights?
Post by: Javokis on 2012-11-27, 11:23:37
I thought I had a light switch script in the open nod workspaces... looking over them, I guess not. I had a working light switch script included with the Nocturne project, but I think that's long lost, but it's a really simple... simple... simple script. hehe. Here's some things to note though about how the script should work:

-It wont synchronize with clients... unless ran as an effect (from the effects.ned scripts). This also means that a mod would be needed if you intend to run the map in multiplayer.
-The script is tied to a light style. The light style cannot be constant, but it can be anything else (torch style, pulse style, flicker style, and special styles). With that said, light switches must be limited at a location because the engine get's hanky about using more than four non-constant light styles per map.
-Tying a light switch to a constant style will result in Vertex lighting... fun. I tested this... believe me. lol

You could use a dynamic light... but that would look just as icky as turning off constant style lights. :P

This could be worth a small tutorial and added tutorial workspace script...