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Title: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-04-27, 14:38:35
The "End of the World" edition summary of features and fixes are as follows:

-New option added in config to causes the respawn timer to wait till level is cleared of enemies before starting.
-New config option to allow MP players to change into vampires during the embrace cutscene
-Additional optimization done to AI protocols to reduce multiplayer lag.
-Alterations done to lawmen ai so they don't attack players merely defending themselves from other enemies.
-Walk cycle actors now respawn and will resume cycle when respawned.
-Respawn timer will pause during conversations. Timer resumes when conversation ends.
-Rebalanced several discipline blood cost progressions to encourage spending on more dots for cost reduction benifits.
-Discipline benifits have also been adjusted...
   Too many minor changes to list, but some disciplines were costly and provided little effect like Tongue of the Asp.
   Other disciplines didn't seem to make sense spending more than one dot on, like Spirit Touch, and were quite
   expensive for such a small effect. Many disciplines and their effects had some stat changes all to provide better
   encouragement for progression and use.
-Fixed crash involving the Cloak the Gathering discipline
-Redid all AI files so that all enemies are given proper hierarchy of disciplines.
-Added new config option to set starting discipline level for enemies (aidisclevel option) - check config file for more info...
   This brings back the old AoR 2006 difficulty system, but in the form of a specific variable option for disciplines.
-Pets were restoring Health and Blood upon level transition. Fixed now so current Health and Blood levels are carried over.
-Almost every enemy can throw GIBs. Makes AoR a bit more bloody. Just a bit...
-Dilution now affects stats above 40 rather than 50... haha
-Incenerator now auto fires.
-Option to have Serena with you in London. Should make escaping SoL reasonable for those who were not prepared for dilution.
-Additional config file option to turn off duration limits on pet disciplines. Check config file for more info...
-Added progressive damage per dot level on Flash discipline.
-Increased blood and health percentages per dot level on Awakening and Shambling Hordes disciplines.
-Unholy Chainmail had low faith as a requirement... replaced faith with humanity to fit with the rest of the unholy set.
   Didn't make sense to have a non-human wearable item to require a human only stat
-Fixed an issue in single player where the teutonic knights wont drop the party member's magical items they were carrying
-Fixed issue with walk cycle scripts not going "full cycle". Actors were skipping patrol nodes.
-Fixed respawn issues in single player where timers weren't resuming when players leave a level.
-Added an option in config to auto add to party any specific story driven player that's spawned in mp. (Erik, Wilhem, Serena, ect)
   (Great for living things up in your MP game like spawning Lily into dark age chronicles or Serena into modern day)
   (Now they add to your "party" and aid you in combat when ever and where ever. Enjoy...)
-Added an option to set AI's limit of pet discipline usage. Check config file for more info...
-Molotov cocktails and greek fire are now much more dangerous - uses WODAL's lure of flames effect when explodes
-Oops... forgot to set the haven portal location when transitioning to modern day after vysehrad scene. FIXED
-Extended range of Cloak the Gathering
-The Saving crosses and ahkurns located in havens now revive fallen party members instead of saving.
   (These haven props were only useful in game version 1.0 before save anywhere was added in 1.1 VTMR patch)
   (They have been rather useless for version 1.1 users since so now they have a purpose.)
-After completing the Stephansdom in Vienna, players should be able to return to it and replay to heart's content.
   (Also... players should be able to use Haven Portal discipline there from then on)
   (Same goes for use of Haven Portal in Teutonic Base and Society of Leopold upon their completion)

And some potential features still planned for development.

-Enemies could re-spawn in different locations every time they are killed.
-Enemies with walk cycles MIGHT not be affected. Unsure how this will work if they are affected.
-Bosses and cutscene enemies should remain at the same location... or should they?
-Trap door enemies (like in Teutonic Base) might not be affected... if they are procedural, any ideas on how this could work?
-The procedural spawning could be affected by the position of the players (so that spawning could occur around corners: out of sight).
-Procedural spawning could change the type of enemies spawned based on player's skill level, gradually increasing difficulty as you go.
-Some changes to the levels may be needed to make this procedural system work right (design changes, spawn changes, and script changes).
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Luke1987 on 2012-05-17, 19:16:17
OMG! I can't wait!  ;D
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Phantom of the Vamp on 2012-05-24, 21:31:15
Sounds like I'm gonna be playing the game over several more times with this MOD when it comes out.  :)
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-05-26, 11:59:16
An AoR 2012 video showing difficulty in the monastery. Testing is going slow...


Some additional things done to AoR 2012

-Prayer discipline is now resistible (Caster's Faith vs. Target's Humanity) This will have an effect on the difficulty in the Society of Leopold based on the player's humanity upon arrival. High humanity will make the level easier.
-Added resistible descriptions on resistible disciplines like Awe, Dread Gaze, and so on. Now player's will have a clear reference of what is affecting those disciplines.
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Mort on 2012-05-26, 16:09:24
I'm liking the difficulty.  Makes the players think on their toes on how to spend their blood.  Also causes the player to put that feed discipline to more use instead of chugging bottles of vitae.
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-05-26, 16:39:56
Kind of hard to feed on the Cappadocians when a wraith is attacking you. I tend to find myself having to leave often to feed in towns. Early on, vitae is a bit easier of a choice to keep blood up till you find quick ways to dispatch Cappadocian's wraiths so you feed off of them without distractions.
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Mort on 2012-05-26, 17:18:25
I am curious of Mercurio's difficulty.  I remember in 1.0, he was insanely hard due to his plague wind level.  So much that they tweaked it down in patch 1.1.  He was by far the hardest boss in the game at that time.
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-05-26, 17:56:40
Note that I'm using discipline ai difficulty level 2 (default). This means that all AI will be given 3 disciplines in their hierarchy (tapered down). Bosses don't taper so here's an example:

If an AI was given Mortis, the disciplines in Mortis are (in hierarchic order):

0 Shambling Hordes
1 Vigor Mortis
2 Summon Soul
3 Plague Wind
4 Black Death

The difficulty system starts the count at 0... not 1. So difficulty 2 gives all Mortis users up to Summon Soul (for non-Bosses). Bosses in AoR 2012 are given ALL disciplines in the hierarchy at the level of the difficulty (no tapering). So difficulty set to 2 will give 3 dots in all disciplines for all Bosses given Mortis. (Discipline levels count from 0, which is discipline dot level 1 in-game). In addition to affecting the AI's starting disciplines, difficulty also acts as an increasing factor for the AI's starting blood pool and mana pool. The increase is 50 blood points per difficulty level ABOVE 1. So difficulty 2 amps up the blood pool of all enemies by 100 points! But here's the perk: difficulty is a multiplier for experience gain. You'll gain experience faster with higher levels of difficulty, but will have to work harder for your kills. This should give you an idea of what you're going to deal with in AoR... Mercurio is counted as a BOSS.

Mercurio also has Fortitude and Animalism. ;P

Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Mort on 2012-05-26, 21:18:51
Is the system effected by the amount of players at all?  I'm sure the more players in the game, the easier it is.
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-05-26, 22:25:12
No... But the AI does check to see if it's being "swarmed" by enemies and will use area disciplines (if any are known) more frequently when surrounded. This should be something that's noticeable in the existing AoR 2011.

I just beat Mercurio... I'm a little bitter about such an easy target. Seriously... by the time I got to Mercurio, I was over powering him within mere seconds. I've decided to implement some addition difficulty factors. Now difficulty will act against the amount of damage you can do to bosses. This isn't done through soak or hit points, but a divider in damage equal to difficulty level. Now it seems like Mercurio has a lot more endurance and can start thinking about his more serious disciplines before being cut down. So far, he's been cutting me down on my rematches so I'm encouraged to go grind some more before fighting him again...


Well after several tests I discovered that I was having a double cast error. I have come to find out that when making a mod you do not re-direct the Discipline.class derivative. Changing its extended script will cause it's "sanity" checks to no longer work right; must be something in the engine that is dependent on Discipline.class extending Codex.class and no other class. Well it appears to be fixed. You don't want double casts. If you look at the above video, there are occasions where Cappadocians are summoning two souls at once... this is an error.
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-05-27, 18:16:13
I made a video of how disease can spread through feeding. I was supposed to have this working in prior versions of AoR, but never tested it and of course found that it never worked as advertised when I did test it. Here's the video:

Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Mort on 2012-05-27, 18:41:28
Looks like the testing is a very slow process and requires a lot of patience.  And this is just the single player!  Any help you need with testing, feel free to ask.
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-05-27, 18:44:53
Every time I test something, I feel it needs more tweaking... f'ing annoying. Like the lawmen in this video... their AI could use a bit more tweaking. I modified them so they wouldn't attack players trying to defend themselves, but I forgot to factor in whether they are torturing pedestrians and other lawmen.



Last video for awhile... I need to get back to homework and stuff.

Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Mort on 2012-05-27, 22:25:31
Mercurio also has Fortitude and Animalism. ;P

I understand Fortitude...but Animalism?
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-05-27, 22:30:29
Nihilistic gave Animalism initially so he can use Beckoning for a zombu... haha. Now he just uses it like a mad Gangrel so I figured, fuck it, just give him protean too. Now he's fuck salt. Since when have we ever fought a boss that has logical use of Protean? Actually... I don't think any boss you fight in the game has Protean. Nihilistic really screwed up on a lot of disciplines. Oh well.
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Phantom of the Vamp on 2012-06-16, 21:22:55
Freak'n awesome.  This is gonna be pretty sweet to play when it's ready.  :)
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-06-22, 23:37:55
Some new features (Fixes):

-Altered the Prague smithy so he doesn't sell heavy armors until after the embrace.
-Diseases and poisons can spread during feeding from and to victims. Wasn't working in prior versions... FIXED NOW
-Descriptions added to certain resistible disciplines like Awe and others like it to give the player stat information on what is the resisting factors to those disciplines.
-Every boss in AoR 2012 has a bitter surprise... approach with caution... these guys don't mess around.
-Anezka will give a blessing of regeneration at a rate based on player's faith stat. Duration last 10 minutes.
-Torches have a duration before burn out and provide an additional perk of adding +5 fire damage to every attack. :D
-Silver broadsword didn't have a silver attack flag... weird... 12 years going and nobody noticed? Anyway... FIXED
-Added whetstone to repair rusty weapons (dagger, axe, and broadsword). Can be bought at smithy.

[edit more changes]

-Dilution will now occur on every use of the awaken discipline - though not as major as the 800 year torpor. Still gonna be a pain in the ass.
-I also updated the config file layout (attached image below)
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-06-25, 19:14:04
More features:

-Vaclav now teleports around his target as he "haunts" it, causing fear and confusion. He's a pretty hard to kill mofo now. He also does more damage per hit so stay on your guard.
-All "magic" shops sell poison and disease vaccines.
-Did some custom enemy treasure class scripts. Vampires will drop mostly vitae based items and various trinkets (some rare vitae too). Ghouls will drop only common vitae items along with currency and trinkets. Humans can drop various "hunter" items like stakes and holy water along with trinkets and currency. Cash amount has increased and so has the value of treasures. So far, this has actually prompted much longer gameplay sessions as I manage all the loot and save up for the good stuff and I'm still not able to afford all that I want or need.
-Reworked the infectious and poisonous creature scripts so they are much more common and a whole lot more dangerous. With that stated, Bloodhealing will cure poisons and diseases from the first dot onward. All infections and poisons are permanent until cured by disciplines, scrolls, or vaccines.

I'm now up to the Tremere Chantry in Prague. Still got plenty of work to do.
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Phantom of the Vamp on 2012-06-26, 20:51:52
:) :) :) :) :)  This is gonna be one hell of an awesome release!
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-06-26, 22:40:59
Well I'm finally up to the return to Prague. Battling things out in Viscerade or whatever Castle.
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Mort on 2012-06-26, 22:46:48
Making good progress.. I thought you would have hit some time-consuming boss tweaking at Ardan's Chantry
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-06-26, 23:03:34
Minor tweaking. The objective was simply to get the Tremere ai to spam their disciplines more often and to use area disciplines like a bitch when they are surrounded. Right now, I'm trying to remove certain tactical exploits. Not gonna say what they are because they are no longer valid. Making balance fixes and gameplay enhancements. As you progress up the levels, the game should get more difficult, not less. On the other hand, fighting Lasombra ghouls doesn't come with much room for difficulty, but loosing most of your items after being imprisoned by guards equipped with holy weapons is a real bitch. With all the new treasures and loot available it should not take long to buy back what you lost, but you'll need to approach the Teutonic Base with some good stats because blood could be hard to come by and you can't feed off the knights (armor).
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-06-28, 19:02:24
I am spending some extra time at the society of leopold to fix navigation issues around the doors. I'm mainly going through the door alignments in embrace map editor to get the doors to open in a less obstructing way for both the player and the AI. So far I fixed level 3. I need to do level 2 and level 1. Worst navigation issues ever, but fixable with walk area level design concepts meant to keep AI's away from props and obstructions. I was tempted to go through every level like this, but I really want to get this mod ready sooner. I'll consider more advanced fixes for level designs meant to make navigation for the AI much easier in later releases. I just wanted to fix the damn doors for Serena and her "pets".
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Mort on 2012-06-28, 22:24:38
Make sure to fix that carpet in the main hall area of society of leopold 1 near the stairs that head up to the 2nd floor.  I think I remember an issue with pathing around the carpet there.
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-06-28, 23:16:00
I'm gonna skip on that. I'm limiting my editing to scenes only as I don't want to deal with any more work than I have to in this regard. That carpet isn't really affecting the ai navigation much so it's not a priority. If I go into full export, I'll want to do more than just fix the carpet. There's incomplete doors too that seem to have wanted to lead somewhere. It's just so obvious that this level is NOT COMPLETE. Nor did NSI do any real AI nav testing in the level. Their "solution" was to just to put AI trigger regions at the door - which didn't solve anything and just made the level more awkward. I removed all those regions from the scene when I fixed up the door alignments on that level. AI can now navigate fairly okay. They still have trouble navigating around each other when that obstacle occurs. Not gonna mess with that issue much.
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-07-04, 15:18:42
I'm up to the Factory now. There's been so many changes to aor 2012 that I'm removing the change log list from the readme. I'm only gonna give an introduction and some major features on aor 2012. The rest is for people to discover on their own.

I'll say that everything has gone above and beyond my expectations of what I was gonna do with this mod and I hope that people can be supportive of how much aor is evolving. It's no longer a simple little mod that fixes some issues. This mod is turning into a titan of the SP game with MP coop support. I hope to have time to do some major online beta testing soon. I'm gonna finish up what I can by Friday then there will be a CLOSED multiplayer beta for select individuals for one week so to work out some bugs, "film" some video, and prepare to present the mod for public download.
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-07-09, 00:29:31
Despite having a pretty good run through of single player, there is actually much to be desired about the current multiplayer. There are issues that haven't been addressed since 2009 and it's about time for an overhaul of the entire MP version of Age of Redemption mod so that players get the freedom of the 2006 version of AoR with some awesome new 2012 features that will change how we play Vampire the Masquerade - Redemption in considerable ways. I'm not going into full detail but the work is being done on every script to include numerous additions that are meant to allow more player participation in multiplayer coop. Synchronization issues are numerous in some early testing with Signothorn and Mort, but those issues will all be addressed in later beta tests. The objective is to make sure that the clients can at least SEE what the main player is experiencing even if they are getting a wall of text from the conversation. Players will even be able to "replay" conversations so they can experience cutscenes that they normally can't participate in.

There's much work involved as the intent is to make it so that if you play as Christof, you should get the full experience of the single player game in all of its glory in multiplayer, while having it all synchronize with clients. There's even an option NOT to play as christof and take on the role of an observer of the events happening before you. So even if you don't play as Christof, there will still be a Christof in the quests sequences that you can participate in as another character. Lots of work ahead to make this happen. There will not be a Friday launch because of this new project.  :-\
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Mort on 2012-07-10, 06:51:17
I really liked the idea of having the christof actor present in conversation locations rather than the players filling the roll themselves.  You are on the right track, in my opinion.
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Phantom of the Vamp on 2012-07-10, 18:59:09
This game is still my all time fav.  I definitely can't wait until it comes out.  :)
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Mort on 2012-07-11, 23:53:45
I should be on saturday evening for beta testing.
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Luke1987 on 2012-07-25, 13:48:56
So... it's almost August and no news/updates about AOR 2012, beta testing is started?
I want that mod so bad ;-)
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Mort on 2012-07-26, 13:19:44
There is a lot of news about the progress of the mod on the front page of the website. 

Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-08-02, 19:43:29
Since that front page news post, I've been taking a long break from the madness of modding this monstrosity. I've just now started up on it again and will be going through all the conversations that have the DELAY index in its nco file. So far I just finished fixing up the ANZK_8_4 visitation scene where christof visits anezka in her room after the monastery mission. I'm going down the SP script list in alphabetical order so I'll hopefully have it all ready for testing again in a week or two. I'll possibly have another beta testing session this weekend to test some of the early stage fixes.
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Mort on 2012-08-02, 22:40:42
Cool. messege me on steam if you need me.
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-09-01, 09:59:15
I guess I should circulate some information here for pubics to see. First off, AoR 2012 is doing GREAT.

Though single player testing was done extensively a couple of months ago. I initially intended to just launch the fixes that were done for it, but a much larger project had begun to include FULL multiplayer support. So I've been working on a whole bunch of new fixes that had to be done to make everything work in multiplayer. So that progress was actually pretty slow during Prague development as I was learning about some synchronization issues that existed in the game. I fixed a considerable amount of those issues, leaving behind a fully function, but still slightly tweaky coop experience. I've come to the conclusion that this is as good as it gets and it's the best attempt yet. Given the limitations of the engine, synchronization is pretty damn good.

So far, reworking the chronicles has progressed up to Vienna's Haus De Hexe. Back tracking a bit, a new discipline called Obtenebration was redesigned with abilities based on the pnp book, but with Nihilistic's spin. Obtenebration was given to Luther Black and now you have the option to actually fight him. He can be tough as nails with those Obtenebration powers so watch yourself! More disciplines are in development.

Currently, I'm working on Movement of the Mind for the AI to use in Haus De Hexe. That should add an interesting spin to your battle against Etrius. Other disciplines will be in development too like Vicisitude and Quietus. I also noticed that Ravnos was on the clan list so Chimerstry could also be in development. But I draw a line there. I wont add abilities for clans not initially on the ncd file list. At the same time, Ravnos wasn't even used in the Vanilla game and Assamites only showed during a cutscene then vanished. So Chimerstry and Quietus would be secondary to most other developments at this time.  I'll get to them when I get to them and can be inspired to do them.

So AoR 2012 has been considerably delayed, but is gonna have some hell of a content.
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: morgwin on 2012-09-01, 18:24:48
I would be interested in help with beta testing. I've beta tested a few games in the past.
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-09-01, 22:04:11
Check you PM, morgwin.  ;)
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-10-26, 13:03:59
I'm currently working on Quietus. So far it's coming along real slow, but I got two of the abilities mostly finished. I have three more abilities to work on. Once it's finished, I'll figure out ways to make Pink into a boss fight at the Giovanni mission. Should be interesting...
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: wesclash on 2012-10-26, 16:03:40
I'm curious to see how you pull off the first level "zone of silence." I've been wondering if there was some way other then changing flags in the PC and NPC templates when they enter the zone and then restoring the flags from some master list to what it should be once the power ends or they leave the zone.

I'd also love the chance to crack Pink's skull. I always thought he got off too easy.  :)
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-10-27, 02:41:18
Silence of Death enables the SILENCE flag, but it also adds additional effects like reducing enemy stats and increasing your evasion (defense).

Scorpions Touch returns "poison" damage to anyone who attacks you in melee. Has a visual effect of being covered in blood (was NOT intentional). I was trying to make it so little scorpion symbols would appear on you through the shell overlay effect. Not sure whether I should fix it...
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: wesclash on 2012-10-28, 19:15:59
Let 'em bleed.  ;)
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Phantom of the Vamp on 2012-11-01, 17:48:19
That's awesome that you're putting Obtenebration into the game and including an optional Luther Black fight!  The Ravnos Chimerstry sounds awesome too!

Since players do run into battle Tzimisce Vicisitude would be great to see, I also think Quietus needed to be added since Pink is really an Assimite (it'd make sense that his boss fight would be pretty unique). 

You could make it that only cappadocians get mortis, and build a necromancy for Giovanni. 

Dark Thaumaturgy might be doable too since it's something Tremere can screw up and get into this.  Not to mention a boss fight against one could be fun.

I also don't recall seeing the gargoyles with any sort of Visceratika that could stir up some extra trouble when battling them?

Just some thoughts with vamp clans I recall seeing in the game.  Again I look forward to anything you're ready to release!  Keep up the good work, and taking breaks to get re-inspired is a normal thing.  ;)
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Phantom of the Vamp on 2012-11-01, 18:49:07
Just some thoughts on the original intentions for Redemption if they had time to add it all to the game.

Taking a look here at Vampire Redemption's clan/sect listings (http://web.archive.org/web/20000606181417/http://www.gamespot.com/features/vampire_pre/page4.html)

They list the clans Assamite (independent), Brujah (Camarilla), Cappadocians (independent), Followers of Set (independent), Gangrel (Camarilla are shapeshifters), Lasombra (Sabbat), Malkavian (Camarilla members often possess sharp intellects), Nosferatu (Camarilla sect are deformed monsters), Ravnos (Independent), Tzimisce (Sabbat), Toreador (Camarilla devoted to art), Tremere (Camarilla), and Ventrue (doesn't say which sect).

For a release 2013/214 to mix things up a bit you could explore how vampire sects are at odds with each other a bit more.  So in multiplayer depending on your vampire clan it might be easier/harder fighting certain sects, or interacting with them etc.  You could always throw in an extra quest that helps out one group or the other.  ;)

This is also what it says about Vampire Redemptions Clan Warefare:

"The Kindred are loosely organized into two main, constantly warring sects. The first sect, the Camarilla, consists of seven of the vampiric clans and seeks to maintain the Masquerade and live among humans. The second sect, the Sabbat, consists of two of the vampiric clans and has more malevolent aims and views humans solely as prey. In addition to these sects, there are four independent clans and a variety of more secretive organizations, including doomsday cults dedicated to bringing about Gehenna at the end of the 20th century (because of production delays, Redemption has become a "period piece")."
Title: Re: Age of Redemption 2012 (Coming Soon)
Post by: Javokis on 2012-11-02, 12:53:34
One of the interesting things about Mortis is that they seem to have combined Necromancy into it. Awaken is also part of Mortis, but was made "Common" for ease of gameplay. I considered adding Necromancy, but I might just leave this alone because a lot of Necromancy abilities don't look like they have good gameplay applications and were designed for role-playing. Several parts Necromancy would be difficult to do with the current level design and to implement them would require a different kind of campaign from the one about Christof. Much of these abilities would be very "environment intensive" and wouldn't work with the current level designs or assets. Additional content would be needed especially for rituals.

I did add Movement of the Mind and gave that to Etrius for a rather difficult boss fight with him. Christof will gain Movement of the Mind upon "defeating" Etrius.

I really should start working on compiling the gameplay video Signothorn and I made when we did a rather large play through of Vienna together. But it's difficult to turn 2 hours of gameplay footage into only a 30 minute video (just to be practical). Neither of us have touched the raw footage in over a month.

Been way too busy lately.