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Title: VTMR mod (available), private chest and LVL-up from UI
Post by: Amarok on 2018-06-14, 12:16:54
I have made a mod that add two new button to UI.
One for access the private chest of character and another one for level up screen.
For this mod I have to rewritten Vampire.exe the main execute file. (1.1 eng.)
(Other modified files: statusBarSP.nui, StatusBarSP_01.tga)

https://ufile.io/pbfew (https://ufile.io/pbfew)
(https://preview.ibb.co/n4ADFJ/vtmr_ui_mod.png) (https://ibb.co/kXafvJ)

Install instructions:
Title: Re: VTMR mod (available), private chest and LVL-up from UI
Post by: samspin on 2018-06-15, 16:48:44
Very interesting, it appears to work on my end! I'm just wondering, if it's also possible to do this for the multiplayer UI too? It would be interesting to be able to access the user chest to store character overskin items during multiplayer (as in, via LAN multiplayer. these days people use VPN's to access LAN multiplayer online in this game) I wouldn't quite condone level-up in the UI for this case... Although there's technically nothing to stop a player from making a character, creating their own game, leveling up using the ST options there to notch their character up, then connecting to someone else's game. So it probably wouldn't be *that* much different. Would you be able to do that, or perhaps detail how to disassemble the main executable to do this? Even so, for single player this is a tremendous achievement!
Title: Re: VTMR mod (available), private chest and LVL-up from UI
Post by: Javokis on 2018-06-16, 15:48:44
Agreed. I was curious about MP functionality as well. Wouldn't really see a major issue with it as long as it was localized to the player who activated it like "resting" at a coffin, but without the ST tweak options. I heard long ago that some one hacked the exe to allow players to utilize ST tools in MP as a client rather than host only. I know a number of RP groups that would really like a resource like that to have multiple ST's in a game.
Title: Re: VTMR mod (available), private chest and LVL-up from UI
Post by: Amarok on 2018-06-19, 14:52:25
I think this can be works with the MP UI as well, because I have seen similar GUI elements (chest + coffin) in MP.

I tested today the MP.
I modified the nui and the tga, but the MP has different endpoints, so it couldn't works at first.
I'm going to search and analyze the relevant MP code, based on the original mechanism.

How the mod works:
I searched the UI click event and original code-points (and call parameters) where the program initialize target GUI elements.
The bottom of the UI click event I added a call into my new function.
This function checks the clicked elements name and when it is similar that I coded into my code (and nui-file) it calls (with right parameters) the original GUI function.
So we can add new UI elements when we know the starting point where the original code calls the target GUI function (but of course it have to access and pass right parameters, player-structure, etc.)
Title: Re: VTMR mod (available), private chest and LVL-up from UI
Post by: samspin on 2019-09-15, 17:43:38
I have noticed that the original link in the first post is dead. I happen to still have this mod in my VMR directory so I've reuploaded it here:
This contains both the executable and the UI elements. Amorak: I do hope you're still around somewhere, this is an awesome mod!