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Title: .wav files
Post by: The Upstart on 2010-03-19, 23:50:13
I'm finishing up the Santa Monica  Bloodlines main maps and I want to add custom sounds for atmosphere but some reason none of the .wav files I use in sound or sound box are functioning in game. I'm thinking I may have to use an old program to convert them from win 98 days.   I recall Javokis mentioning something about code and removing it via hex editor. Any help or further explanation would be greatly appreciated.
Title: Re: .wav files
Post by: Javokis on 2010-03-20, 00:43:59
Usually, Audacity works okay for wav files. Sometimes I get a hit or miss from Audacity so I too get a little confused. I would not under any condition play the file in Windows Movie Maker. You might be able to use Audacity rather than a hex editor to fix the problem. Try loading the wav file into Audacity and save it as .wav again.

Then knock on wood...
Title: Re: .wav files
Post by: The Upstart on 2010-03-20, 01:00:47
 ;D yes! You, sir, are a God!  Now I have figure out how to control the speed and frequency of the loop but this is a HUGE boon for me. Thanks, mon ami
Title: Re: .wav files
Post by: The Upstart on 2010-03-20, 02:56:51
I was reading that there were ways to create random sounds I think it was in the Crimson Keep post (yeah I'm searching all over the place) How does one do that. I know ghost template was mentioned but alas I have no idea what that is. What I'm looking to do is create a variety of random sounds such as car alarms, dog barks, etc.
Title: Re: .wav files
Post by: Barnabas on 2010-03-20, 03:53:22
Try to create some soundboxes. You can create different soundboxes with different sounds in one place, so you can have different soundeffects in one area. Alternatively you can use progams like MP3 - Cutter. With that you can create one .mp3 file with soundeffects from many .mp3 files.
What I need to know, is if I´m able to create triggers or buttons that play a sound effect, when it´s used....
Title: Re: .wav files
Post by: The Upstart on 2010-03-20, 04:15:56
Ah.. merci, but, sound boxes affect entire sectors if I'm not mistaken. I was more looking for a sound to play randomly. For example, sometimes when you pass through an alley you hear a bottle roll sometimes.. you don't. And I'm sure you can have click-able sound effects now whether this requires scripting or there is an override for it remains to be seen. Sound effects are so important and yet so overlooked.

Title: Re: .wav files
Post by: Barnabas on 2010-03-20, 07:00:13
Soundboxes do not cover a hole sector. You can place them like sectors, so if you build a soundbox covering your ally, you´ll hear the sound only in the ally.
Title: Re: .wav files
Post by: wesclash on 2010-03-20, 08:17:04
There are also sound points that play when a character is within range, and get louder as you get closer to them.  The tutorial on creating them is on page two in the Mapping in Embrace section of the forum.

Title: Re: .wav files
Post by: The Upstart on 2010-03-20, 11:13:58
Ahh... I did not know  that sound boxes could do that. That's awesome. Double thanks. And  thanks for the tutorial link as well. That's where  I began but thanks none the less. I must say this is one of the more helpful forums I run across on a game.
Title: Re: .wav files
Post by: The Upstart on 2010-03-20, 13:07:01
OK, I THINK I figured out how to get the process going somewhat for random sounds.

1. I created a ghost template (located under Global->Miscellaneous)
2. I added StringerSound via Overrides
3. I opened the Codex Linker (Shift + C)
4.  I added the sound I wanted to happen randomly in the Sound Name box and adjusted various other parameters.
5. Booyashaka! Random Sounds in game.