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 on: 2017-06-29, 10:34:47 
Started by Spamwebster - Last post by Javokis
The respawn bug is a known issue. Diablerie might be failing in modern times because the blood is too weak to gain anything from. Most modern vampires you fight are pretty diluted on the generation.

 on: 2017-06-29, 08:35:02 
Started by Spamwebster - Last post by Spamwebster
I've found that the Diablerie and Respawn mechanics don't always activate.
With the respawn mechanics I mean that every time you clear an area less and less enemies respawn. It makes levelling different disciplines to see which you prefer much harder.
With Diablerie I mean that the game only lets me diablerize certain clans and only in certain levels. I've been able to diablerize a dark a nosfertatu but not a modern one, I've diablerized cappadocians but not Giovanni and only been able diablerize Tremere in the Teutonic Knight's Base.
I was just wondering why this was the case.
Thank you for your time.

 on: 2017-06-28, 21:18:05 
Started by Javokis - Last post by Javokis
Been awhile since I had a vivid dream or at least one coherent enough to explain.

I was on some massive city sized space station or perhaps something orbiting a planet. Like most sci-fi dreams I have, the designs are hard to make out. Contextually, there seemed to be a segregation in the design between a deprecated ghetto below a semi-derelict mass of structures towering over it. There is obviously some sort of conflict occurring on this station between what seems to be a monster infested ghetto with rusted out abandoned structures and a population living on barely functioning towers above it. Above population can get around through various bridges interconnecting the towers.

It seemed possible, though barely, for people to survive amidst the monsters that stir around the derelict structures and alleys of the lower ghettos. Many of these survivors hide in reinforced shelters, some of which can connect to the top tower districts. But the residents above control who is allowed to be risen out of the monster infested ghettos.

Often people will be cast down into the ghettos. Not cast down out of punishment or torture, but to test the "hidden potential" of the people. I was one of those people who was cast down to the ghettos. I played a cat and mouse game by avoiding monsters as I edged through abandoned structures till it became too much for me. At a time when I was surrounded on the streets out in the open, a power grew within me to take flight. Thus I flew, but my strength in flight was limited so I soon felt myself about to fall. As I lost upward momentum, someone from a tower above threw a line down to me so I grabbed it. The dream became blurring for a time, but I believe I was rescued.

Later, the dream took place where the role was switched. Now I am the one sending another to be cast down to the ghettos. She was strapped to ledge about to be descended. Fearful, she wept, but I assured her that she is not being sent out of punishment or torture, but to unlock her "hidden potential." Thus I dropped her and woke up.

 on: 2017-06-28, 01:13:13 
Started by Javokis - Last post by Aburto
Now a days i been kinda bored to watch something in my screen... so... my desktop is pretty much empty and i like it a lot.

This one would freak me out every time I turned on my computer.

 on: 2017-06-01, 15:37:24 
Started by outlaw99 - Last post by outlaw99
Hopefully I'M not being a pain but i have another question.  Did you make any changes to the Teutonic knight base?  I have an older PC ... can't afford to upgrade or buy a new one . Basically as soon as i talk to orsi and enter the base, i take a huge frame rate hit . Not only that but even if i lower everything to minimum  it still is slow. frame rate comes up but the whole area is somehow ... laggy no matter how high frame rate is . everything was good and smooth until i hit the base :(  FYI vanilla and previous AOR mods ran smoothly there. Thank You in advance for any help :)

 on: 2017-05-31, 22:10:43 
Started by outlaw99 - Last post by Javokis
If you add the command line to the VTMR shortcut [not the aor app shortcut] then that will run the aor mod while bypassing the config app. You can then edit the config.txt manually because it's just a text file so insert values that you normally would set in the app. Just as long as you don't typo a wrong value or accidentally remove syntax, you'll be fine. Just save the text file as you would any note file with your desired settings then run the VTMR shortcut with the command lines.

 on: 2017-05-30, 19:47:27 
Started by outlaw99 - Last post by outlaw99
 what exactly would adding that command line to my shortcut do?  would i still run the AOR config to play the game?  how would i know what setting to change in the config.txt?  Sorry for my ignorance but as you can tell i'm not into modding. i just love the game and the AOR mod . Thanks

 on: 2017-05-30, 16:27:06 
Started by outlaw99 - Last post by Javokis
just in case there is some kind of issue, you can still bypass the aor config app, but place the following command lines on your VTMR shortcut

-user AoR -chron aor_sp -console

Then do manual edits on the config.txt file located in VTMR>AoR>Config>config.txt

The app might still be having some permission problems due to what's going on with the .NET framework these days.

 on: 2017-05-30, 16:06:59 
Started by outlaw99 - Last post by outlaw99
Thank You for the reply and nice to see you :)   i was hoping someone else could corroborate my issue as well . Hopefully its not related to my still running an ancient OS (XP). i did use the legacy install package so i don't think it's an install issue. i have some minor instability issues(crash in vampire_aor.exe) as well when fighting (face hugging hoppers lol). all in all ...issues aside.....  i love the changes . AOR rock's !! :)

 on: 2017-05-30, 11:42:30 
Started by outlaw99 - Last post by Javokis
I'll be going through a number of features to polish up, but that's gonna take time. Plans are to eventually implement an overhaul to the morality system and that will give me an opportunity to clean up the frenzy script even more.

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