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Hi There. Just RE-downloading my LOST file collection :/


Hi I am just bouncing around looking to re-download ALL my VTMR mods  :'( . Thought I had them backed up but apparently they got deleted somehow and somewhere   ::)

Oh well. Half of them I can't find online now.
(2 main ones I am looking for just for posterity ...  ;D

1. COTD mod (No ware to be found now ??? Had to switch to it after WTD would not work on my computer anymore)
2. Not sure of its name but it was a tweak to the game where it added all the main clans with disciplines  without the need for an installed mod. It used the default settings that came with the game, just added the clans missing from the basic install. I can't find that one ANYWHERE of where I got it last year. If you know what I'm talking about may I have a copy?  :P

I see there are new things out now (E-Mod, Wodal, AOR) at least new FOR ME :-\ so I may just re-create my characters AGAIN for those. :-\

But anyways I just ran into this site randomly as I searched for downloads.

Cool site  :)

If you are interested I can mail you a DVD with the VTM: Redemption content I have collected over the years. It has over 200 characters and skins, over 30 different mods, 8 chronicles, 20 item packs, over 200 maps, 20 prop packs, over 50 different weapons packs, and various tutorials, documentation, VTM imagery and music. I also have all sorts of modding resources such as textures, unconverted models, uncompressed .map files, tools and utilities. This DVD will have enough content to keep you busy for a long time. If you, or anyone else, would like such a DVD send me a message through the forum. I will need you to PayPal me $15.00 to cover the cost of the DVD, shipping and packaging. The $15.00 also prevents frivolous requests. When I receive a message I will explain to you how and where to send the PayPal payment. Also, be sure to specify what type of material interests you most because the DVD will not have enough room for everything.

Might consider it considering I have had people ask for $50 for a full collection  ;D



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