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Author Topic: Dungeon Golo Video Walkthrough  (Read 3834 times)


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Dungeon Golo Video Walkthrough
« on: 2012-05-22, 22:28:13 »


This is a mod for Vampire the Masquerade - Redemption that is included into the Maps of the Ages pack. You can download the MoTA pack at here:

Sorry about the first level of the map. It appears the ambient sound decided to take a crap. I did do some fixes in MoTA due to a minor ntx file reference error that I overlooked for many years. There was supposed to be a text introduction shown. Well the fix was uploaded to the MoTA_System download so anyone who isn't getting the intro text should download the newest system fix at

The second level (Dungeon Golo Maze) shows a technique of keeping track of where you are going by using the console command "addthing flare". I set flares all over the maze. The primary objective of getting through the maze is to find all of the switches along the walls. This is actually the most tedious level in the chronicle and I should have put more thought into adding direction for the player.

The third level (Dungeon Golo Gauntlet) gives you a chance to find Malik - The Tremere. He's a little off to the side of the gauntlet and if the player is rushing, he'll miss his entire coterie. I should have considered this issue during design, but I only spent 2 weeks building this entire chronicle with scripts.

Once you find Malik, return to the maze and enter the Armory by solving the riddle of the flames. A cypher would help and a good spell book. Look around the maze to find those items then go into the maze's armory where you'll find another puzzle. You'll need dominate to solve the puzzle by possessing the guards so to move them to their correct positions to open the armory's second locked door.

Once inside the armory, you can raid the weapons and searching deeper within to find thus another coterie member wondering about. After this member joins, you're ready to return to the gauntlet and proceed to the Dungeon Golo Tomb.

The fourth level (Dungeon Golo Tomb) is filled with enhanced zombus made by Hubble. You'll have to fight your way through the tomb till you come across a portal. The portal will lead you to the fifth level of the dungeon.

The fifth level (Dungeon Golo Portals) is series of maze portals that you have to take in the correct order to proceed to Hubble's main chamber. You'll need the cypher for this one or you could be there forever. I never made the cypher's importance clear enough and in doing so made this chronicle impossible for players unfamiliar with needed tools to proceed. Again, not a whole lot of thought was put into making this dungeon player friendly. Just programmer friendly. :P

The final level picks you against a boss unlike any made for Vampire the Masquerade - Redemption. Hubble is strange being that molds into the walls and pops out with fireballs and plaguewinds to pummel the player into the submission. If that's not hard enough, Hubble will activate his blood nodes through the chamber when his health nears 50%. These blood nodes will drawn any coterie members blood that is near the node as well as cause frenzy. Be sure to spread everyone out away from each other or you're going to have a killing match free for all! The safest way to take out Hubble and his nodes is with a ranged weapon like a crossbow or fireball.

I was playing through this chronicle with the Age of Redemption 2012 mod! Unfortunately, the AoR AI system isn't being used. Instead, Dungeon Golo included its own AI protocols that were an early stage equivalent to the AoR enhanced AI system. These protocols were using some tweaky checks and balances, but at the time were mostly functional for what they are. But if only the AoR 2012 protocols were being used then that would have been something!
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Re: Dungeon Golo Video Walkthrough
« Reply #1 on: 2012-05-23, 13:17:27 »

Great work!  Confusing.... but great! :P
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