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Author Topic: What do these values mean?  (Read 3033 times)


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What do these values mean?
« on: 2011-08-13, 18:13:37 »

I'm trying to figure out how th A.I files work...and changing the various numbers amounts to little or no difference. My main interest is in the following.

discHealRate            10
discBuffRate             5
discDamageRate        2
discBuffPercent         0.50
discDamagePercent   0.50

What exactly do each do? Any help would be appreciated :)

Edit: Man this place is dead :(, ok well figured out why they don't do anything. AoR files have shut off disciplines from A.I use , I'm guessing they used some kind of script to make them functional. I'm currently turning them back on for far so good.
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Re: What do these values mean?
« Reply #1 on: 2011-10-12, 11:56:41 »

I shut them off for a reason mainly because the AI files are lame. They have no tactical structure; only randomness. The AI files only know discipline TYPES. A type does not actually tell the AI what they are casting. It's a stupid system.
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