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Author Topic: Stats/skills clarifications on VTM:R  (Read 5054 times)


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Stats/skills clarifications on VTM:R
« on: 2011-07-04, 09:34:21 »

Hello there guyz,

I beat the game 2 times now, and I rade the .pdf manual from my gog version carrefully but still, I have plenty of questions about the stats.
Since some of you are modders, I think you might be aware of some things that I dont.
I already have rade many different opinions on internet about VTM:R stats. If I come here its really to get the true knowledge of a modder.

Basically my question is, how are stats working?

How does strengh increase melee damages?
100 points in strength = +100 damages?   Or +100% damages?

Dexterity how does it affect attack speed? does it really affect accuracy on both melee and range? what about critics? does it add defense too? (dodge).

Stamina: this one is really obscur for me, it is supposed to increase the soak, but on my character sheet didnt notice any change with my soaks with or without this stat (in fact I dont see any change on my character sheet with stats).
I rade one modder saying something about sta that adds resilience to some skills. Is that so in the vanilla game? How does it work?

Perception: Does it increases accuracy?  is that so for melee and range?

Intelligence: Does it affect the durability and the damages of our skills? (such as fireball, golem invocation etc.)

Charisma: Does it trully counter manipulation skills?


My only question about skills is about heightened sense, eye of the beast etc.
Every skills that are described as ''increase vampiric senses'' (like the Monocle). Do they affect accuracy? Do they protect against manipulation skills?

Thank you in advance for your answers.


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Re: Stats/skills clarifications on VTM:R
« Reply #1 on: 2011-07-04, 21:36:37 »

Here's some equations I found in effects.ned file about attack and damage - I suspect this is (in fact) the engines equation system:

This determines hitting/dodging
[hit if random(Adex + weaponAccuracy) + Axoffense > random(Ddex) + Dxdefense]

The () is what is being randomized
Adex = Attackers Dexterity
weaponAccuracy = Check your weapon

Fixed bonus
AxOffense = gauntlets and/or worn artifacts that enhance offense.

Must be above

ddex = Defender's Dexterity (randomized)

dxdefense = dodging gauntlets and other worn artifacts that enhance "dodge" (fixed bonus)

This determines damage
[dam is random(Astr + weaponDamage) + Apotence + Axdamage - random(Dsoak [+ Dstamina]) [-Dfortitude] - Dxsoak]

The () are what is being randomized
Astr = Attacker's Strength
weaponDamage = check your weapon

Fixed bonuses
APotenc = Attacker's active Potence discipline
Axdamage = gauntlets and other artifacts

Damage is then minused by (randomized)

DSoak = soak stat for damage type
DStamina = Defender's Stamina stat

Fixed bonuses to defense
Dfortitude = Defender's active Fortitude discipline
Dxsoak = gauntlets and other artifacts being worn

Note: Stamina soaks only lethal and normal damage for vampires. Humans only soak normal damage with Stamina. Stamina does not defend against any other damage type (unless you're a werewolf). Stamina does not show soaks - so go by the stat and factor into the above equations.

So with that stated:

Intelligense, Perception, and Charisma are not calculated by the engine. These stats are often used with disciplines as base requirements and/or determining restistances. Like some disciplines use Caster's Charisma vs. Target's Perception to determine whether a mind spell was resisted. So with that said, if you want a higher level of success with Awe then raise your Charisma since Awe uses Charisma vs. Target's Perception to resist Awe. If you want be more resistant to Awe then raise your Perception.

I had a full list of discipline tactical info when I made my own VTMR Guide, but that was lost when gamespy shut down their free hosting. Never had time to work on a new one.

As for disciplines that increase vampire senses: They simply allow you to see the invisible (good against Nosferatu)... except for Eyes of the Beast. Eyes of the Beast merely creates illumination.
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Re: Stats/skills clarifications on VTM:R
« Reply #2 on: 2011-07-05, 04:52:39 »

Thanks you so much for your efforts Jakovis, it enlightened me!
So, now I know how to counter Awe! finally!

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