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Author Topic: Creating shops  (Read 2655 times)


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Creating shops
« on: 2011-02-22, 10:41:33 »

I want to add shops in my maps, but donŽt want to use the original shops, like Hank or Otto. IŽd like to have another NPC as a shop - how do I create a shop?

Edit: Ok, I figured it out by myself. For all, who have the same question/problem:

1. Choose the NPC you want to have as shopowner.

2. Set the NPC to "Talk to" and add the script "ClassMDweapshop.class" or one of the other scripts using NOTeditor (didnŽt try with "override" in embrace yet)

If you want to have an indivitual range of goods for your shop, find the "generic_MD_weapon.nbs" in Resource.nob. Make a copy and change the range of goods in the file using the Notepad. Save under an own, unique name.
Edit the "ClassMDweapshop.class" and add the new .nbs file to the script using "Eclipse" for example and save the edited script under an own unique name (donŽt forget to edit the rest of the script, when you save under another name - Eclipse will show you where ). Then add the new script to the "shopowner" using NOTeditor.
Now you have an own shop, selling only guns, or blood, just as you wish....

Notice: Never edit an original file or script. Use copies.
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Sorry for my bad english ...

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