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Robots seem to be missing walking animations. Click them and they "hover" to desired area.

Odd, they work on my end... gona check anyway.

They actually work, the thing is you need to approach them... if you only spawn them and move them arround they will hover since they need to be "activated" first, this is done by approaching them and they will lock on Target.

They are actually in a "idle" state, like all guardian robots... hahaha!

Another good reason to document what you create DL. You didn't really give us a lot of info about the contents and their functions in this mod.

They pretty much use the Cappadocian and Spider tag in "NOT Editor", appart from that they are no different... just imagine creating a list of all the chars in the ReadMe... heck... anyway i am in the mood for creating an expansion for Giga that would allow players to use ANY character available, this should be done as little .nob file that contains only the .NOT file, so file size should be quite small.


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